Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Eastwood, Kyle

Eastwood, Kyle, bassist; b. Los Angeles, CA, 19 May 1968. He is the son of actor-director Clint Eastwood, who is a lifelong jazz fan, supporter of the Monterey Jazz Festival, and capable pianist. His mother is Maggie Eastwood (born Maggie Johnson); she and Clint married December 1953; divorced 1980. Maggie is also the mother of Kyle's younger sister Alison (b. 1972) an actress; they have five half-siblings as well. When Kyle was 13, he appeared with his father in "Honkytonk Man" (1982). He never seriously considered acting as a career; he did consider becoming a director. He had been exposed to live (at Monterey and elsewhere) and recorded jazz all his life.

He began playing electric bass in high school. When he was about 18, he went to the University of Southern California film school and then transferred to UCLA, with the idea of eventually directing films. He was taking some music courses on the side. He decided to take a year off to study music intensively, and after that year, he decided to pursue music solely. After he left film school, he devoted himself to acoustic bass, did session work around Los Angeles, and, at 23, formed his own Los Angeles-based quintet. In 1998 he moved to New York, where he put together a new quintet that toured Europe and performed at the JVC Jazz Festival in June 1999. He lives in a loft in lower Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood, with his wife, actress Lora Gomez, and their daughter (sometimes mistakenly listed as a boy) Graylen Eastwood, born 1994. His piece "Da Da Ba Ba Nu Nu" was inspired by his daughter's first words.

From There to Here (1998)

Five Questions With Kyle Eastwood, by Charles J. Gans, 05-05-99, Associated Press.


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