Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ehret, Michael

Ehret, Michael, drummer, composer; b. Basel, Switzerland, 5 February 1969. Michael grew up with his brother Oliver (born 1966) in Freiburg/Germany. His parents, the opera singer Eva Ehret (maiden name: Eva Hildebrandt, 1940-1982) and Reiner Ehret (born 1939) brought him into early contact with classical music and Jazz. Between the ages of 10 and 12 he was given classical piano lessons but he switched to drums soon afterwards. After two years of classical drum lessons at the "Philharmonic Orchestra of Freiburg" (1981-1983) he temporarily taught himself to play different styles of drumming.

In 1989 he moved to Marburg /Lahn and became acquainted with the local Jazz club "Cavete." In 1994, after having prematurely ended studies in political sciences and ethnology and after winning two German music awards (a 1st place finish in Hessia`s Jazz competition " Jugend jazzt_ in Frankfurt/Main in 1993, as well as a second place in the "Landesrockwettbewerb Hessen_ in 1994), he began working as a full time musician / drummer. What followed were a series of  "Master Lessons" with Michael KYttner (1993), John Marshall (1994/1996) and Jeff Hamilton (2002). Since 1994 Michael has been teaching drums at the Marburg Music School in the sector "Rock-Pop-Jazz" and since 2001 he has also been employed at the music school in Korbach.

Today Ehret mostly works as a live and studio drummer with an emphasis on contemporary jazz music. Since 1999 there have been numerous concert tours with Frankfurt`s Hammond organ virtuoso Klaus GSbel (born 1942) and the well-known German jazz guitarist Michael Sagmeister (born 1959).
In addition, Ehret has been working as a composer, musician and producer for the German TV-comedian ("Comedy Factory_/Pro7) Martin Schneider (born 1964). In 1997 he produced Schneider`s debut CD "AschebeschSr and has appeared with him in several TV-Shows in 1998 (Since 2002 Ehret has also accompanied Martin Schneider live as a drummer in a number of comedy shows throughout Germany).

Michael Ehret has performed live (among others) with Michael Sagmeister, Leonid Chizhik, Klaus GSbel, Harry Peterson, Igor Chirokov, Thomas Heidepriem, Albert Mangelsdorff, Manfred Bryndel, Peer Augustinski, Stefan Schmolck and Victor Goines.

Quadradd: Night in Siberia (1994); Martin Schneider: AschebeschSr (1997); Sounds of Saba: Tizita (1998); Camillo d`Ancona & Michael Sagmeister: Dedicato - Canzoni Z Jazz (2000); Klaus GSbel Group (2000)

Radio broadcasts:
- Live radio performance on HR-3 (2/28/1993) at "Jagdhofkeller_ (Darmstadt) with: "Landesjugend Jazz-Big-Band Hessen_
- Live radio performance at "Theater-Atelier_ (KSln) on WDR-5 (6/10/1995): "Michael Sagmeister Group_ featuring Michael Sagmeister (el-g), Norbert Meier-Venus (e-b), Hendrik Soll (p) and Camillo d`Ancona (voc)
-Live radio performance at "Jazz-Festival Idstein_ on HR-3 (7/19/1996): "Angi Domdey Group_ featuring Kai Picker (el-g), Biem van Hoften (keyboards), Frank HSfliger (el-b) and Angi Domdey (voc)
-Live radio performance at "SYdbahnhof-Cotton Club_ (Frankfurt) on HR-1 (2/23/1997): "Dinner for three_ featuring Carmen Whitehurst (voc, p) and Frieder Gottwald (el-b)
-Live radio performance at "Theaterhaus Frankfurt_ on "HR-2 Live Jazz_ (4/18/2001): "Klaus GSbel Group_ featuring Michael Sagmeister (el-g), Klaus GSbel (organ) and Thomas Heidepriem (el-b)

Films and Television:
- Television live broadcast "ZDF Hitparade_ with Martin Schneider Band [ZDF, 2/14/1998]
- Television live broadcast "Deutsche Welle TV_ with Martin Schneider Band [Deutsche Welle TV, 2/20/1998]
- Cinema movie "Waschen, schneiden, legen_ with Guildo Horn [Neue Impuls Film/Warner Bros. Film, 1999]

Contact information:
http://www.michaelehret.de /

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