Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Englert, Werner (Josepth)

Englert, Werner (Josepth), tenor-saxophone, composer, teacher; b. Ruelzheim, Germany, 27 May 1951. His father was Adolf Englert (1919-2002) and his mother is Barbara Englert (b. 1921). He has a brother, Oswald Englert (b. 1953) and a sister, Eva Englert (b. 1957). He is married with three children (daughter born 1971, son born 1982, daughter born 1986).

He studied music at the university of Heidelberg/Germany 1971-1978. He's been a professional music teacher (Oberstudienrat) in a German Technical-Highschool since 1980 and the artistic director and founder of a private music-school called Music-Lab since 1991 (www.music-lab.de). He conducts workshops for children. He worked with teachers like Karl Berger,  Dave Holland and Sam Rivers (Creative Music Studio Woodstock 1981). A lot of workshops in the states (Dave Liebmann  IASJ 1992-present) and other countries (Denmark, Nethterland, Spain, Finnland, etc. ).

He was part of the Free*Dig Big Band from 1980-1996 and the Sundance Trio (with Karl Berger, vibes) from 1998-2001. He is currently a member of the Sax Machine Trio since 2000 and the Saxn Hop (saxtrio) since 1993. He has directed large events such as Carmina Burana in a Rock-Jazz version for big band, Percussion + Choir (150 participants) 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001. He was composer and director of Hurriboor, a children's Rock-Opera at the 1996 Tent Music Festival, Freiburg Germany; Finale Sinfonie (250 participants) 1997 Lonza Factory Waldshut Germany, 1998 Wehrle Factory Emmendingen Germany); Rhythm of Genesis, a composition for Big Choir, Percussion ensemble and Churchorgan 1999 Citychurch Emmendingen; Sounds of Elements: for 5 keyboards and Rhythm section 2001 Wehrle Factory Emmendingen; Danca Macabra: 2002 St. Georg Church in Bleibach (120 participants: Choir, Fanfars, small Orchestra etc.) and many other small projects.

Swiss Fusion: Swiss Fusion 84 (1984); Free*Dig Big Band: Dig Dirt 3 (1984), Tribute to the Beatles (1986), Jazzhaus Vol. 1. (1988); Squish: Royal Flash (1987); Projektmitschnitt im SWF: Finale Sinfonie (1997); Instant Soundtracking Project: Moving Images (1998); Saxn Hop: Live auf dem Zeltmusikfestival (1998), Caspian Jazz & Blues Festival (2002); The Clap: Clapomania (1999); Sax'n'Dom: Children's Songs (2002)

Fachbuch "MUSIKUNTERRICHT HEUTE 2" (Keimzellenmethode),
Therapie kreativ 8/99
Unterrichtseinheiten in Rondo 7, 8, 9, 10 Musicbook for the school from:
Mildenberger Verlag (link: www.fachforum-musik.de )
Fachzeitschrift "MUSIK UND UNTERRICHT" Mrz 98 (Hit me with the rhythm stick) 

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