Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Engstfeld, Wolfgang (Antonius Franz)

Engstfeld, Wolfgang (Antonius Franz), tenor saxophone, composer; b. Dusseldorf, Germany, 12 September 1950. His parents were Dr. Franz Engstfeld 1914/1965 and Ursula Engstfeld/Huck 1918/2001. His sibling are Hans, a musician, Susanne, and Ulrich, a musician.

Wolfgang began playing saxophone at the age of 14. In addition to his initial musical experiences in the Rhineland , he furthered his musical studies in Graz, Austria. During this time, Engstfeld received several awards for his talents including first prizes at the Roermond and San Sebastian Festivals as well as the coveted New Talent Prize from the city of Dusseldorf. In the early 70's, he formed the group "Jazztrack" along with trumpetplayer Uli Beckerhoff, bassist Sigi Busch and drummer Heinrich Hock. This band marked Mr. Engstfeld's recording debut.

 His next major projects began in 1978 with the quintet "Changes", a group which greatly influenced subsequent generations in the German jazz scene, and the "Wolfgang Engstfeld Michel Herr Quartet" which included drummer Leroy Lowe and bassists Palle Danielsson, Isla Eckinger and Detlev Beier.
The beginning of the 1980's marked yet another turning point with the formation of the trio "Engstfeld - Plumer - Weiss ". Since 1988, Engstfeld has been largely working in the quartet format with his long time associate, Peter Weiss. The initial "Wolfgang Engstfeld - Peter Weiss Quartet" was with pianist Achim Kaufmann and bassist Hartmut Kracht. The latest edition of the quartet features pianist Hendrik Soll and bassist Paul Imm. This quartet toured Japan in 1997. Since 1998 "Engstfeld-Weiss-Quartett" is with Hendrik Soll and bassist Christian Ramond. This Band toured Australia and China in 1999.
Festival, radio and television Productions have featured Engstfeld in the above mentioned groups as well as with the following: - John Scofield, Chet Baker, Albert Mangelsdorff, Ack van Rooyen, Jon Christensen, Ricardo del Fra, Bruno Castelluci, Eberhard Weber, Norma Winstone, Jasper van't Hof and many, many more.

 In addition to his work as a performer/ composer/ arranger, Mr. Engstfeld has taught at various music schools and workshops. In 1986, he was hired as an associate instructor of saxophone at the Muskhochschule Koln (MHS) in Cologne, Germany. He continues to teach at the MHS where he has been a full professor since 1992.

Cyclop (1972); Jazztrack: First Call (1973), Jazztrack (1975), Listen (1978); Changes: Home Again (1980), Some More Changes (1982); Engstfeld-Pluemer-Weiss: Direct to Disk (1983), Drivin', (1985), Mr. Max (with Randy Brecker) (1989), Together (with Randy Brecker) (1991); Engstfeld-Weiss-Quartett: Upside Down (1990), Songs and Ballads (1993), 59: 59 (1997), Lisboa (2002); Engstfeld-Herr-Perspective: Solis Lacus3  (1979), Continious Flow (1982)
 As sideperson: 
Czaba Deszoe: Four String Czaba (1972); Klaus Weiss Big Band: Lightnin' (1985); Axel Fischbacher: Moods (1986); Michael Kersting: Five (1989); Dirk K.:  Fly to LA (1992); Wayne Bartlett: Senor Blues (1994); Michel Herr: Notes of Life (1998); Matthias Broede: European Faces  (1998)

Contact information: 
Prof.Wolfgang  Engstfeld
Luegallee 11
40545 Duesseldorf
tel. 0049 211 575228
email. engstfeldwolfgang@gmx.de
website. http://www.engstfeld-weiss.de
Discographie  Wolfgang  Engstfeld

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