Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Erdmann, Daniel

Erdmann, Daniel, tenor, soprano and baritone saxophonist, composer; b. Wolfsburg, Germany, 28 October 1973. Son of Prof. Helmut Erdmann (b.1950) and Heide-Marie Erdmann (b.BrSmer 1951). He began playing the saxophone at the age of eleven. He has lived in Berlin since 1994 where he studied at the Hanns Eisler Conservatory with gebhard ullmann, Jiggs Whigham and others and became part of a group of musicians playing contemporary jazz and improvised music. He received a grant to work in Paris in 2001 from the French-German cultural council, so he shuttles between the two cities and is very active in organizing French-German projects. He has a son, Paul (born in 2001).

Daniel has played in clubs and at festivals in North America, Asia and all over Europe with musicians like Aki Takase, Ed Shuller, Conny Bauer, John SchrSder, Herb Robertson, John Betsch, Axel DSrner, Pierre DSrge, Gebhard Ullmann, Chris Dahlgren, Rudi Mahall, Joe Williamson, Francois ThZberge, Tony Buck, Mircea Tiberian, Thierry Madiot, Frank MSbus, Nicholas Simion, Hasse Poulsen.

Selected Recordings:
Erdmann/Dahlgren/GlYsenkamp (1999); Momentum Impakto: Haw Haw (2000); Gebhard Ullmann: T' lam 10 Vancouver concert (2000); GYnter Adler (2000); Erdmann: Recovering from y2k (2000); Eric Schaefer: Demontage (2002); Mircea Tiberian aeleven" (2002); GYnter Adler: Live in Asien (2003)
Various live and studio productions for radio and televsion, interviews, articles and features in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet magazines in Europe, USA and Asia.  

Contact information:

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