Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Espindola, Shirley

Espindola, Shirley, singer, teacher and guitarist; b. Sao Paulo, S.P. Brasil, 5 February 1962. She has always demonstrated interest in music, even when quite young, constantly motivated by her mother (Wilma A. Espindola, 1940, from Guaratingueta, S.P.).  Her father, Spanish and Brazilian Indian descendent (Humberto J. Espindola, 1935, from Lorena, S.P.) states that his daughter gift was inherited from his wife and his uncles who were musicians and composers.

Among the three sisters, Katia E. A. Otero, 1964, Monica Espindola - 1969 and Luciane E. Ayoub, 1971, Shirley, was the one who liked music. Since the early age of 3 years old, she was always singing the song taught by her mother to friends and family members for a single coin.
In 1969-1973, Shirley was accepted on the selecting test from the Ballet Municipal of Sao Paulo School and has studied until the fourth year. And it was during the instrumental musical studies piano (1970), and guitar (1974), with Prof. Mimi Teacher, that she learned about the masters of Brazilian music like Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto and Elis Regina. In 1976, Shirley became protestant at the Baptist Church in Sao Paulo and started her solo career as Gospel singer participating in musical groups and Chorus at the Church; also as a acoustic guitarist. Since then, she has enchanted the public with her lovely song, highlighted by her tendency to Jazz, Blues, Soul and Gospel.

During her senior high school at Makenzie School, (S.P.1977-1979) she studied guitar, popular songs and vocal techniques with the Conductor Jean Biancard from School of Music AMA(S.P.). When she was 17 years old (1978) after signing a contract with the former record company RCA Victor to record her first CD, in which she makes part in a group remembering the Carpenters, she gave up of the contract because, at that moment, she believed that she should use her singing gift in favor of the youth, outskirt children in need, and caring the sick people in hospitals she was always visiting.
She has studied Psychology at UNIP University S.P. (1980-1983) and is married to Renan G. de Oliveira (Evangelical Priest, 1981-1989, S.P.). From this marriage she had one son (Renan Espindola de Oliveira, 1982, Sao Paulo - S.P.) and two daughters (Michelle Espindola de Oliveira, 1983, Sao Paulo - S.P.) and (Tifany Espindola de Oliveira, 1986, Sao Paulo - S.P.)

In 1992 married her present husband and manager, Roberto Gasperini (engineer, 1945, Sao Paulo - S.P.). Graduated as a pianist by "Instituto Musical Sta Cecilia" (Santos - SP).

Shirley was the official singer for years (1990 a 1993) to the Adhonep (Associassao de Homens de Negocios do Evangelho Pleno-S.P.) Chapter Jardim Europa - and (1993 a 1995) from the Full Gospel at "Clube Nacional" in Sao Paulo-S.P., where they meet weekly and monthly through informal meetings, Tea Time gathering, and even on sophisticated dinners with high executives, entrepreneurs, politicians and important personalities from Sao Paulo city. She has studied Spanish (1992-1995) at "Colegio Miguel de Cervantes"(S.P.), acquiring the diploma D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) from the University of Zalamanca - Spain.

In 1993 she decided to study lyrical songs with the conductor Luis Tenaglia (S.P. - Conductor of the Berlim Chorus for long years) and has participated as singer and supporting actress in the Musical "Um Tempo Para O Natal" - From Heaven's Throne (from David T. Clydesdale), under the direction of Sergio Pavarini and production of "Igreja de Nova Vida" - S.P 1994, at Bibi Ferreira Theater in Sao Paulo - S.P. In 1998 she started as actress and fashion model for publicity photos, films and corporate and institutional videos. In 2000 she developed her professional career singing professionally in bars and nightclubs with a hazz quartet, Bossa Nova and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). In (2001-2003) she studied popular singing, vocal and perception techniques at C.E.M. (Centro de Estudos Musicais Tom Jobim - Sao Paulo - S.P.) with Prof. Patricia Escobar. She has also participated in the course over the influence and phases of the singer Elis Regina. Under strong inspiration of great Jazz singers, like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday as well as Barbra Streisand, she has found her own musical style.

In April 2000, after watching the Roberto Menescal Show at "Clube Pinheiros" in Sao Paulo and meeting him personally, she initiated her own project of her first CD, under his. Menescal was one of the predecessors of Bossa Nova along with Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Nara Leao and Ronaldo Boscoli. Innovator of Nova Bossa Nova (mixing bossa nova with electronics resources), he was named to the Latin Grammy (2002) as the best album ("Brasilidade"- Cucamonga-Trama). He presented during the Grammy festival with the group "Bossacucanova" with the special participation of Ivan Lins (Roberto Menescal has produced the latest albuns, " Jobiniano" and "A quem me faz feliz"(Abril Music) with the special participation of Jane Monheit).

Bossa Romantica (2002); Robert Menescal: Song Book (2003)

Radio broadcasts:
FM Radios: Eldorado- Sao Paulo, Radio USP (program "Conexao Sao Paulo)- Sao Paulo, 105FM- Sao Paulo, Metropolitana - Taubate, Lider (program Jornal da Cidade)- Guaratingueta, Clube (programa Cafe da Manha) - Guaratingueta, Manti FM- Cruzeiro, Columbia- Lorena, Aparecida FM- Aparecida do Norte; AM Radios: Eldorado AM- Sao Paulo, Cultura (program "Estudio 1200")- Sao Paulo, Difusora- Taubate, Difusora- Jundiai, Cidade (program "Show e Cia" and the program "De bem com a vida") - Jundiai, Cacique- Taubate, Mantiqueira- Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro- Cruzeiro, Piratininga (program Jornal primeira edissao and Jornal segunda edissao) - Guaratingueta, Clube- Guaratingueta and Aparecida AM- Aparecida do Norte; Love 94 (Florida-Miami "Programa Latin Corner" - Gina Martell), RCN - Radio Cubic Network (Sao Francisco-California - Greg Lindberg), KUT FM (Austin - Tx - Michael Crockett), KZUM 89,3 FM (Lincon - Ne - "The Best of Brasil" - Randy Morse), WEMU (Ypsilanti - MI - Linda Yohn), WWOZ (New Orleans - LA - Dwayne Breashears), KKUP (Cupertino-C.A. - "Canta Brasil" - Prince Kollie/Lars Bourne), WCLK 91.9 FM ( Atlanta-GA - Serenade To The City - Carl Anthony) e Symphonii Asia (Singapore - Julius Ng).

Television broadcasts: "TV Alianssa" (Globo-Sorocaba) Program "Solta O Som", Band Vale -Sao Jose dos Campos, Program "Brazil Filho", Rede Mulher- Sao Paulo - Program Via Satelite broadcast, TV Educativa- Jundiai - Program "Sala Vip" and "Jornal da Noite", "TV Cruzeiro"- Cruzeiro - Jornal da Noite.

"O Estado de Sao Paulo", "Folha de Sao Paulo", "Jornal da Tarde"-Sao Paulo,Diario Popular- Sao Paulo "O Dia"- Sao Paulo, "O Cerqueira Cesar"- Sao Paulo, "Agora Sao Paulo", "Jornal Periscopio- Itu", Jornal Votura- Indaiatuba, Jornal da Cidade- Jundiai, Jornal de Jundiai, Jornal Regional- Vale do Paraiba and Sul de Minas, Jornal Vale Mais - Guaratingueta and Jornal da Cidade -Taubate.
"Revista Borage" (article on the Theater Crowne Plaza show), Mediacast (full show at Crowne Plaza), "Usina do Som", www.cdbaby.com/espindola, MP3.com (divulgating the CD Bossa Romantica), "Pagina da Musica" - Radio Terra, "DoisLL produssoes" - Show of "Supremo Musical", "Jornal de Jundiai on line", Prefeitura de Guaratingueta. Warta Jazz, STAR Digio, Love 94, All BrasilianMusic, Freedb.org, NetSounds Music, Zico Label.

Contact information:
Albatroz Record - Rio de Janeiro 
Site: www.albatrozmusic.com.br
Distribution Company - Trama Independente
Site: www.trama.com.br
Mananger Company -  RG Marketing e Produssoes - Jundiai-Sao Paulo- Brasil
                                       Roberto Gasperini - Personnal Mananger
E-mail :mailto:rgmktp@terra.com.br
HP :  www.shirleyespindola.cjb.net
Fone number : 55 11  4522-5842
55 19    9603-5897

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