Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Eubel, Eleonora

Eubel, Eleonora, singer; b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11 December 1951. She received a degree in Stage Design at Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She spent two years at the Actors Training Studio directed by Martin Adjemian. She studied singing, vocalization and interpretation with Lucy Savorido and Mariela Juni. She took piano lessons with Jorge Navarro and Guillermo Romero.

Since her childhood she went to schools where German and Spanish were taught currently. She is the only child of Mar'a Elena Lus, a music teacher. Her father, Hans K. Eube,l was a German immigrant who arrived in Argentina as a refugee at the beginning of World War 2, and then returned to Argentina at 1948 attracted by a peaceful country, far from the consequences of war and bombing. At age 25 she met her first husband, a photographer and political activist, which had been arrested (4 years he spent in jail) due to political reasons, Federico R. Frontini. During 1977, she moved with her husband from Buenos Aires to Bariloche in a sort of auto-exile. She had to postpone her musical career for a few years, due to those reasons. She divorced in 1995 and met her actual husband during the same year. Her son, Lucas Frontini, studies bass and contrabass. Nowadays she is performing songs in which the lyrics are stories about real people living in an undeveloped Latin-America.  

Eleonora Eubel started her carrier as a singer in various Buenos Aires-based rock & blues bands in the late seventies. She has worked with well-known local musicians such as RubZn de Le-n, Daniel Mancini and Black Amaya.Later, while living at the southern ski-resort of Bariloche, she got involved in the local jazz scene and started including jazz and pop material in her singing repertoire. At the time she worked with Luis Alberto Spinetta's keyboardist Diego Rapoport among others.

Back in Buenos Aires she joined several pop groups as singer and lyricist. She has worked with several important musicians such as Tony Salvador, Walter Malossetti, Fats Fern'ndez, Jorge Navarro and Manuel Fraga among others, at concerts and jam-sessions. Eleonora has taken part in different projects of Latin-American music (Latin, Bossa Nova, Bolero) with local masters Jorge L-pez Ruiz and An'bal Ponce.

In 1994 as part of the Jazz Company, she sang in the musical "New York, Swing & Blues" at the Teatro Astral on Corrientes Avenue.
She has been leading her own jazz & blues trio, The Eleonora Eubel + Trio, with Guillermo Bazzola on guitar, Fernando Galimany on acoustic bass and Diego Lutteral on drums. With these musicians she performed "From Billie Holiday to Natalie Cole" and "Espejos Negros" ("Black Mirrors"). "Black Mirrors" was Eleonora's original idea, with Silvia Pritz as director and Graciela Rodr'guez as producer.

Her current musicians are: Miguel F.Tarzia, guitar /  Jer-nimo Carmona, c/bass / Carlos Brand'n, drums; and guest: Enrique Norris, trumpet.

Full Moon (1999-2000); Esthesia (2002);
As sideperson:
Yang: Tu biolog'a est' rara (1987); Fenix Jazz Band: Fenix Jazz Band, Vol.9 (1992); Creole Jazz Band: Creole Touch (1994), Sabor Creole (1999)

Cuadernos de Jazz/Spain, March 2001
La Naci-n, 11th. of April 1998, February 1999, and 14th. of January 2001
Ambito Financiero 7th. of novenber 2000
Revista XXIII, November 2000
Nexo, February 1999

Contact information:
Eleonora Eubel
AzcuZnaga 338
(12638) Vte. L-pez Pcia. de Buenos Aires
TEL. (011) 4797-0612

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