Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Fasoli, Claudio (Luigi)

Fasoli, Claudio (Luigi), saxophone player, composer, teacher, author; b. Venice, Italy, 29 November 1949. He left Venice to go to Padua University. His father was Filippo Fasoli (December 1909-January 7, 1981) and his mother was Billia Vazzoler (June 1915-May 1991). His wife is Andreina Murero, with whom he has two sons, Alessandro Fasoli (b. April 26,1975) and Tommaso Fasoli (b. March 22,1978). He is totally self-taught, but Lee Konitz and Wayne Shorter were very important influences to his instrumental and compositional points of view. He also contributes articles and reviews to music magazines.

Born in Venice, he now lives in Milan, Italy. After a long apprenticeship and many sessions with various prominent musicians, he achieved popularity in the '70s playing with the Perigeo Quintet, among whose other artists were Franco DAndrea and Giovanni Tommaso. This group performed throughout Europe and also overseas, and with it Fasoli gained considerable experience both as soloist and composer. When the group disbanded in 1978, he became leader of his own groups, putting together mostly trios or quartets. Some of the great names of the European and international jazz scene have played in these groups. For example: Henri Texier, Lee Konitz, Jean-Franois Jenny Clark, Aldo Romano, Ken Wheeler, Manfred Schoof, Dave Holland, Palle Danielsson, Tony Oxley, Bill Elgart, Mick Goodrick etc. He introduced his own compositions in concerts and festivals around the world, creating also a remarkable discography. In addition to his native Italy, he has performed in France, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexic, Cuba and the United States.

He played in the first performances of the "Grande Orchestra Nazionale" in Italy and in the Lydian Sound Orchestra. He has also participated with and conducted the European Music Orchestra in live and studio performances and has played with the Manfred Schoof International Band.
Since the Siena International Jazz Clinics was founded in 1978, Fasoli has been responsible for the classes in Tenor and Soprano Saxophone and the master classes in improvisation. He founded the Saxophone Courses at the city of Milan's Civic School of Jazz and has taught Jazz at National Conservatories. He conducts Clinics throughout Italy and abroad. His name appears in Music and Jazz Dictionaries in Italy and abroad.

He has performed recitals on Italian TV in 1975, 1978, 1984, 1985 and 1993. He is also the author of more than 200 tunes, most of them recorded.

Eskimo Fakiro (1978); Jazz Duo (with Franco D'Andrea) (Critics Award) (1978); Hinterland (1980); The Meeting (1981); Cloudy (1982); Lido (1984); Input (1984); Welcome (1987); For Once (1987); Egotrip (1988); Bodies (1990); Land (1990); Cities (1993); Guest (1994); Trois Trios (1993-94); Mirror (1994); Ten Tributes (1995); Icon (1996); Esteem (1998); Rsum (2000); Gammatrio (2002)
As sideperson:
G. Manusardi Quartet: Live Suite (1971); Perigeo Quintet: Azimut (1973), Abbiama Tutti... (1974), La Valle Dei Templie (1975), Genealogia (1976), Non E' Poi Cosi'... (1977), Perigeo Special (1977), Attraverso Il Perigeo (1973-76); G. Gaslini Quintet: Multipli (1990), Masks (1991); G. Emmanuele Orchestra: From South to North (1992); Lydian Sound Orchestra: Melodious Thunk (1993); Perigeo Quintet: Live in Montreux (1993); Grand Orchestra Naz: Live (2000); F. Fara/ C. Fasoli: L' Essenza (2000)

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