Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Feger, Fritz

Feger, Fritz, bass; b. Lemgo (Lippe), Germany, 3 March 1968. Since age of 8 he received cello lessons at Musikschule Lage and then, together with his brother who now plays solo viola at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, courses in theory of music, chamber music and orchestra. After school, he finished an agricultural apprenticeship and then studied agriculture at Gottingen University. Following his diploma in 1995 he finished his doctoral thesis (PhD) in spring 2000 at Institute for Agricultural Economics, supervised by Stefan Tangermann. His dissertation thesis has the title A Behavioral Model of the German Compound Feed Industry / Functional Form, Flexibility, and Regularity and has been published online by Niedersachsische Staats- und Universitatsbibliothek Gottingen.

When he was fifteen, Fritz Feger began to play electric and double bass in a dixieland and swing band. After finishing his college he bought his first upright from Heiner Windelband and, on jam sessions of the Hamburg based jazz club "Birdland" and in different bands with Hamburg musicians, got the basics of a jazz bassist which 1989 led to a three year membership at Bundesjazzorchester which is directed by Peter Herbolzheimer. During the ninetees, Fritz Feger was around at the Hannover jazz scene, e.g. in Tilman Denecke's band "Mr. Natural", which also featured trombonist Daniel Casimir, sax player Lieven Brunckhorst and drummer Michael Verhovec.

A further project of his was the avant band uSbEsT+ with Denecke and Verhovec and one guest. Both Mr. Natural and uSbEsT+ with a guest appearance by Rudi Mahall on bass clarinet won the jazz price Jazzpodium Niedersachsen, and with guest Frank Bungarten who is originally a classical guitar player but played tenor sax with uSbEsT+ there were lots of performances. Fritz Feger was educated as classical singer by Shoko Shimizu in Detmold. Soon, he also started to sing in a jazz context: together with the then Gottingen based pianist Christoph Busse he founded a duo where he sang and played upright bass simultaneously. From this duo, then his trio and his commercial band JazzCocktail emerged. As did Christoph Busse and Michael Verhovec, he joined Gunther Hampel's rhythm section for one year and became bassist of Christoph Busse Quintett. Fritz Feger also works as a singer, mainly at Studio Hamburg as synchrone singer and occasional musical director of the Sesame Street.

Since 1995, Fritz Feger is married with the philosopher Sabine Doring. Fritz Feger has been working at numerous theatres as stage musician, musical director, arranger and/or composer, namely at Deutsches Theater Gottingen Schauspiel Hannover, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Burgtheater Vienna, at Theater Bielefeld and, since 2000/01, as member of the house band at Thalia Theater Hamburg. Now, Fritz Feger is, besides regular occupations like theatre performances and Wurzelbehandlung, mainly busy with compositions and arrangements for his trio.

Gunther Hampel: Next Generation (1995); Christoph Busse Quintett: Mosquito (1999)

Contact information:
Anja Kuttner
Service Agentur fur freischaffende Kunstler
Schulweg 16
20259 Hamburg
Fon 040 - 401 880 45
Fax 040 - 401 725 77

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