Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Field, Bob (Robert)

Field, Bob (Robert), tenor saxophone; b. Newark, NJ, 6 May 1947. His parents were Joseph Steinmark (1900-1986, Bayonne, NJ) and Anna Steinmark (1902-1986, Newark, NJ). His mother was an amateur singer only around the house. His father enjoyed listening to recordings of Benny. Goodman and Nat King Cole. He has one brother, Stanley Steinmark, (b. 1939, Newark, NJ). His spouse is Deborah Hay.

He has studied with Lawrence Feldman (1973-1974), Lee Konitz (1986), Lenny Popkin (1991-2000) and Connie Crothers (2001-present). He attended City College of New York (1974 - 1976) and studied Improvisation and Jazz History with John Lewis, Jazz Ensemble with John Lewis and Ed Summerlin, and Classical and Jazz Theory, Musicianship, Composing, Arranging Big Band performances with Dizzy Gillespie, Richard Davis, Bob Norden, and Ed Summerlin.

 Field began playing clarinet at age 11 and was inspired to take up the saxophone at 15 after hearing tenor saxophone player Lester Young on an all-night jazz radio station ("Lester's sound spoke directly to my heart," Bob recalls). He began playing professional jazz and blues gigs in high school, where he was also a member of the student big band. In college he majored in both music and psychology, and in the late 1970s held a seat in Sam Rivers' big band. He has performed for live radio broadcasts, touring theatrical productions, and in clubs and concerts in Russia and New York. He also took up piano in 1994.

Waves of Blue Intensities (duo with Carol Liebowitz) (1994); Notes From New York (one track on a sampler) (2000)

Radio and television broadcasts:
"We Are the Guinea Pigs." Award winning documentary,on camera performance and soundtrack (1979); Eric Wolf, WBAI-FM (1980); Newport Jazz Festival. WBAI-FM, (1982); Seguida. WBAI-FM (1986); Alan Havey Show, Cable-TV, actor and musician on late night comedy show (1991)

Film soundtracks:
"Amerika - from Hitler to MX." 1981

Unissued recordings:
Jocko Marcellino (Sha Na Na) (1979); The Kids (1980); Paradise Band (1983); King of The Entire World (Soundtrack) (1985); Voodoo Rhythm Kings (1988); Yoew (Mark Sloan) (1989); Simple Pleasures (1991 and 1992); Private tapes from Loft sessions in Brooklyn, NY (2001-2002)

Websites interviews:

Contact information:
Bob Field
520 West 218th Street
Apt. 5H
New York, NY  10034

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