Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Fisher, Paul

Fisher, Paul, soprano and alto sax, flute, vocals, composer and author; b. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 11 February 1956. He was born into a dysfunctional home with a violent alcoholic father then shipped to a private school specialising in corporal punishment at the age of 12. His father was Donald Rae Fisher and his mother was born Evelyn Florence Orr. His brothers are Jon, Bill, and Glenn.
Dealing poorly with this upbringing it took awhile to get to music. He got his first gig when he was 30, though he had wanted to play since he was 16 from the moment he heard Jullian "Cannonball" Adderley Play. He's self-taught, never having graduated from music school.
He's appeared with Carol Britto, Dave Young, and Archie Alaine in 1983, on CFTO TV with Tommy Banks, CBC Radio 1981, P.J. Perry 1989, Burton Cummings with Jason Hoover 87, Amanda Hughes 1986-87, and with Linton Garner until his death. He played the Vancouver Jazz Festival in 1989.
He presently writes for and leads three different bands: Paul Fisher's Jazz Orchestra, Paul Fisher and the Mulligan Kings, and Cannonball Jones and the Fishtones .

He started his own company Fishtone Music. The Musicians featured at Fishtone Music are Dave Guiney, bass, a Boston native, who then lived in New York; Warren Grosland whose guitar has taken him all over the world; Nathan Wylie, an up and coming drummer who is 22 years old;.Dean Herdman, a percussionist; and Rod Murray, whose played his trombone with everyone from Colin James to top jazz and Latin bands.
Fisher is presently playing in the greater Vancouver B.C. area.

Paul Fisher's Jazz Orchestra: I Have Dreams (2001); Paul Fisher and the Mulligan Kings: In a Swing Thing (2002); Introducing Cannonball Jones and the Fishtones (2002); Cannonball Jones and the Fishtones: The Official Demo (2003)

Contact information:
Website http://www.fishtonemusic.com
email fishtone@hotmail.com

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