Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Fleschner, Dave (Michael David Fleschner)

Fleschner, Dave [Michael David Fleschner], pianist, organist, educator, recording engineer and producer; b. Sacramento, CA, 6 May 1974. His parents, Michael David Fleschner (born 1943) and Patricia Anne Nikkel (born 1947) owned a small farm outside of Salem, OR until David was five, at which point they moved to Trinidad, a small coastal town in northern California.

Dave began piano lessons at the age of seven, and composed and performed music for the school band in seventh and eight grade under the instruction of Jim Hatchimonji and Anne Rodden.   In High School, Dave began guitar lessons and had instruction in Theory, Composition and Electronic music at the preparatory institute at Humboldt State University.   Dave composed music for his own band, Muddy Undercarriage, performing at Mack High Live and for dances and private parties.   He also composed and performed a piano piece for his high school graduation ceremony.

In 1992 Dave received academic and music composition scholarships to Willamette University, where he was introduced to jazz by Dr. Martin Behnke. He continued to study composition with composer in residence, Dr. John Peel and played in the Big Band led by Portland bassist Tom Wakeling.   While at Willamette he received a Carson Undergraduate research grant for composition and received an Outstanding Student award for his role in various jazz combos and the Willamette Singers, led by Dr. Wallace Long.Between his second and third years at Willamette, Dave attended a semester at The Berklee School of Music in Boston, receiving guidance in more modern concepts of jazz from pianist Marc Rossi and bassist Dave Johnson.

After completing Willamette with a BA in English and a music minor, Dave moved to Portland, OR, where he still resides.   He was a founding member of Groove Revelation, an ensemble dedicated to playing original music which toured California and the Pacific Northwest. In 1997, he received a Laurels Full tuition scholarship to Portland State University, where he studied with pianists Darrell Grant and Randy Porter, as well as with arranger Charles Gray.  While at PSU, Dave received an Outstanding Musicianship award for his combo performance at the University of Reno Jazz Festival.

Dave is now locally known as both a pianist and as a Hammond B-3 organ player and has continued to perform around the Pacific Northwest in a variety of styles. Dave has performed with countless Portland jazz talents including: Mel Brown, Bobby Torres, Rob Scheps, John Gross, Warren Rand, Dan Balmer, Alan Jones, Carlton Jackson, Reinhardt Meltz.  He has also shared the stage with blues and soul legends: Paul Delay, Curtis Salgado, Valerie Day, Chris Mayther, Kathy Walker, Gary Burford, Monti Amundson and Margot Tufo. Dave has played with reggae bands - The African Kings and Shamir - pop and R&B singers Jane Wright and Seth Samuels, the funk band "Rubberneck" and many others.   He has recently been involved in theatre, most notably for a revue of Patsy Cline music and for the Christmas themed "1944, A Christmas from Home."  Dave also owns and operates a project studio out of his home, where he acts as both producer and engineer for his own projects and numerous others. He teaches lessons and classes through Ethos (a nonprofit music school) and the Multnomah Art Center.

Dave recently married Gina Louise Duvoisin (Born June 8, 1974) and composed four string quartets for their wedding ceremony on July, 5 2002. Dave has been profiled in The Statesman Journal, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, The Portland Tribune, and is a frequent guest performer on Homegrown Jazz with Mary Burlingame, a live broadcast from KMHD, the Portland area jazz radio station.   His recorded performances and compositions can also be heard frequently on KMHD and on local cable access.

Groove Revelation, The Arch Cape Sessions (1997); Runs Good, As Is (2000); Groove Revelation: Grindin' (2000); Zuppa: Live at the Goodfoot (2002); Live at McPeet's (2002); Just Like You (2002); At Home (2004)
As sideperson:
Deep Roots: Volumes I through VII (annually from 1998-2004); D. Mark Jackson: 3 Years On (1999); Blake Woods and Monica's Dress: Safe in Heaven Dead (2000); Jane Wright: Synergy (2000); Northwest Foundations: Compilation (2001); The Vantucky Diamonds: Rock House (2002); Billy Hagen: You Shoulda Been Pretty (2002); Young Lions of Zion: Your Sanctuary (2003)

Contact information:
503 349 7883

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