Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Foster, Chuck

Foster, Chuck, trumpet, flugelhorn; b. Milwaukee, WI, 11 December 1939. He grew up in Green Bay, Wi; attended school there thru Hi. After that went to U.S. Naval School of Music in Washington D.C. (Army Element). Served and played with both U.S. 8th Army & 6th Army Bands in Seoul Korea and Presidio of S.F. Discharged 1961, moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at Valley College in Van Nuys, Ca.

Began working while in Music School at Valley. Went 2 yrs. Joined Si Zentner Orch in early 1963. After that found good work with singer Della Reese whom he stayed with into 1965. In 1966 he was called to go with Buddy Rich playing the jazz trumpet chair when he started his big band. He only was in that band about four months when some things out of his control prevented him from being on the road any longer. Moved to Reno, NV for 3 yrs playing in the house Orch at Harrah's which no longer exists.

In 1970, he joined Harry James, eventually moving to Las Vegas. Stayed until 1976. He played with most of the headliners at one time or another. Saw the Musician's Union start to be pressured by big corps etc and moved back to L.A. He did gigs with Louis Bellson Orch, Joe Roccisano, Bill Berry and lots of others. Some studio work and show work. Left the business in early 80's and took a day job for quite a while to try and get his kids through their school years, but kept playing mostly small groups and sitting in around town.

He had a nasty motorcycle crash in 95. While rehabbing he began playing again regularly. In 1997, he started getting out.

Contact information:
chazfo @ aol.com

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