Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Freddi, Guido

Freddi, Guido, bassist, film-music composer, filmmaker, b. Rome, Italy, 23 November 1965. His mother (born Mariana Poswick, Belgian with Anglo-Spanish origins) and his father (Roberto, Italian) were both painters.

Growing up listening to classical music, his ear was opened to traditional Umbrian church chants when the family moved from Rome to Umbria, where Guido learned to play the church organ. Guido begun playing the electric bass in 1979, and he first heard some jazz in 1981, thanks to the Italian guitarist Alex Adinolfi. Music by John Coltrane and Charles Mingus and later by Jaco Pastorious, Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller were his inspirations, soon joined by Chic Corea, Pat Metheny, Weather Report. When he left Rome to Paris in 1996 he played with Bassidou Compaore' (Burkina Faso traditional songwriter) Rubens Santana (Brazilian songwriter) and rock-funk and fusion bands. In Paris Guido begun composing his own music, a free minded mix of jazz, mediterranean, African and South American music. There he married Ilaria Borrelli, a Neapolitan filmmaker and writer. In 1997 Guido and Ilaria moved to New York City where they still live. He now mostly plays the double bass.

In the last 5 years Guido wrote and performed many scores for short movies and one score for feature movie ("the Strawberry Girl", 2000, G.Polidoro, Golden Bear winner director at the Berlin Film Festival). He's actually working on the score for the feature movie "Rent-A-Husband" (2003, I.Borrelli, Miramax film, Brooks Shields, Chevy Chase).

His studies in Anthropology and Ethnomusicology at the Louvain University (Belgium) and at the University of Rome brought him to many Mediterranean, African and South American countries bringing many influences into his musical sensitivity. Since his studies with John Patitucci, Lincoln Goines, Irio O'Farrill, Pedro Aslan, Hill Greene and others, he played in and around NYC with Bob Quaranta, Memo Acevedo, Ben Sher, Pietro Freddi, Rye Iizuka, The Mezz' Riffers, the Ugetsu Collective, Bill Malchow, Mario Ticlea, Randy Borra, Miho Nozawa, Rodney Green, Woody Shaw (Jr.) and many other young talented musicians. He's the leader of two bands: the latin-mediterranean jazz Sextet "Taranta Steps" and the contemporary jazz "Guido Freddi Quartet", both performing in NYC area (especially Downtown jazz clubs). He also co-led the Ugetsu Collective and many jazz duos and trios.

Taranta Steps (1999); Quartet; Ugetsu Collective: Blending (2000); Freddi-Borra-Nozawa: 'Round Eleven (2001)

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