Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Gerantab, Fred

Gerantab, Fred, guitar; b. Queens, NY, 3 September 1975. His parents, Michael and Francine, are alive and well. His father is well-known painter/designer in Europe/US. Mother is musician (guitar, piano) and band manager in New York area. No siblings.

Gerantab was born in Queens, NY, and somehow has never managed to move out of the borough. After having started the guitar at the age of 13, Fred cut his teeth on hard rock and heavy metal before moving toward progressive rock and fusion. After briefly attending the Queens College Aaron Copland Conservatory of music, Fred moved on to work with several area bands and developed his knowledge of the jazz vocabulary through study with artists such as Rodney Jones, pianist Rachel Z (Wayne Shorter) and legendary jazz teacher Charlie Banacos. Gerantab performs and records periodically with many Northeast-based acts.

His group Qb3 is made up of Gerantab, Emek Rave, and Christopher Heinz on Guitar, Bass and Drums respectively. QB3 was formed in 2001 by 3 like-minded musicians and friends from New York's Queens borough. Combining groove, funk, jazzy lines and and electronically-influenced beats, the group nods to many different elements of their musical DNA from John Scofield to The Pixies, but it's indisputable that QB3 has honed their own niche.

QB3: The Form Of Space (2002)
As sideperson:
Shahin & Sepehr: Nostalgia (2002); Rob Balducci: Mantra (2002)

Featured Review in JazzReview.com (Jan. 2003)
Featured Interview on jazzreview.com (Jan. 2003)
Featured Review on AllAboutjazz.com (Dec. 2002)
Official Site: www.qb3.net

Contact information:
75-02 Austin Street
forest Hills NY 11375

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