Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Gerold, Nils

Gerold, Nils, flutist; b. Bielefeld, Germany, 12 September 1964. He grew up in Einbeck near Gottingen (Middle-North Germany) and has lived in Bremen (North Germany) since 1989.His mother is Christa Gerold (born Christa Jahn 1939) and his father was JYrgen Gerold (1938-1968). He has two sisters, Astrid Gerold (b. 1963) and Nicole Gerold (b. 1968).

He took flute lessons from about age 14. He got in contact with (free) jazz and improvised music at the age of 15 through the jazz-festival-gSttingen and concerts of German free-improvisers like Peter Brotzmann, Peter Kowald and the Gunter Hampel Galaxie Dream Band. Musical autodidact influenced first from the European improvised music and contemporary music later also from American free jazz and Asian music. Since 1991, he's performed concerts with free improvised music, played with a. m. o. Phil Minton; Gunter Christmann; Roger Turner; John Russell; Keith Rowe; Jaap Blonk; Blaise Siwula. He studied science of religion at the universities of Berlin, Tubingen and Bremen. Graduated in 1994 with a work about influences of spirituality on free jazz and improvised music.

"Radio Bremen" and the lokal TV-station "OK-Bremerhaven."

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