Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Glassmeyer, Matt

Glassmeyer, Matt, tenor saxophone, instrument inventor; b. Nashville, TN, 16 June 1975. Father, Steve Glassmeyer (b. 7/1/50) is a veteran Nashville singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. Mother, Marsha Greenstein (b. 1/5/49). Siblings Jon, Jake and Gracie Glassmeyer and Mark Greenstein.

Matt jointly wrote and recorded two rock albums, Rix Glassmeyer "24,200 Miles" with Jano Rix, and Church of Cleanliness "The Dirt Is Near" with Matty Zarth. On these albums, recorded in his studio, Matt sings and plays bass, guitar, drums, horns, shuitar, percussion, keyboards, samples, etc.

Matt spent his twenties in New York where his own groups included Twelve 20 Six, Bift, DDYGG, The Quiet Bastard, The Royale, and The Morpholinos (NCM East Records). He performed and recorded as a sideman with many other NYC improvisers in his tenure there. The Matt Glassmeyer Marching Band performed 36 consecutive 1st Fridays in the Broadway Lafayette subway station in Manhattan with an album in 2005 documenting the events.

He graduated from the University of Miami Jazz program, 1997. He co-founded The Jongleurs, recording three albums and playing over 200 performances throughout the U.S. college circuit in the late 90's. During these years he spent time in Nashville for country music tours and session work and regularly performed bluegrass and fiddle tunes on saxophone with legendary Station Inn mainstays "The Sidemen."

He is the inventor of an assortment of instruments including the shuitar (an acoustic drum machine-like instrument made from an acoustic guitar body - The Morpholinos), the buzzophone (tenor saxophone played with a custom trumpet-like buzzing mouthpiece - Bift, Rix Glassmeyer), and amplified contra-alto clarinet (serving as the bass function for DDYGG).

Matt lives in Nashville with his wife, Shara, and daughter, Gus.

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