Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Golden, Michael (Jeremy)

Golden, Michael (Jeremy), vocalist; b. Winnipeg, MB, 12 August 1977. His parents are Suzanne and Earl Golden. Earl was a musical theatre actor and radio actor growing up in Winnipeg but gave it up for business. His brothers are Noel Golden (Winnipeg 1968) and Matthew Golden (Winnipeg 1970). Both are singers but not professional musicians.

Golden's education includes Music and Musical Theatre at Concordia University where he got a Music Degree, BFA specialization Jazz Studies, Concordia U. Montreal, 2001. His music teachers have been Madeline Theriualt (2001-02), Jeri Brown (1998-2001) and Mark Murphy (2002).

Some 14 years of summer camp in Winnipeg, Canada, whetted his appetite for music.  He began producing and directing musicals for the other kids and then began writing his own.  These included "Lost In Space" and its sequel "Lost In Space II." Michael also led after lunch sing-a-longs and was soon teaching the kids songs of his own making like "Just My Books and Me" and "The Sound Song". He also appeared, in 1990, on "Mini Stars", an item distributed throughout Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.  By 1991 he appeared in a number of stage productions. He was " Heinz" in "The Pajama Game", (young) "Nathan" in "The Rothchilds" followed in 1992, "Peter Crachit" in "A Christmas Carol", in 1993.  By the 1995-96 season, he was appearing in the University of Manitoba's Black Hole Theatre productions, "Silence", "Real Maple Syrup" and "Pilk's Madhouse."

The Montreal experience began in 1996 when he appeared as "The Baker", a lead role, in a Concordia University production of Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods" - where Mr. Dobbin first encountered him.  It was also the point in his career that Michael had an encounter of his own, one with Andrew Homzy of the jazz division of the Concordia Music Department.  Homzy, a native of Toledo, Ohio, came to Montreal in 1967 and besides his duties at University is an expert in a number of fields including the musics of Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus.  Homzy prodded Michael to take up music full time and it was at this point in his career that Michael began to see a relationship between musical theatre and the American Popular Songbook and jazz.  From 1997-2001 he was studied at Concordia leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Among his teachers, in Montreal and New York, have been Madeline Theriault, Valerie Kinslow, Jeri Brown and Mark Murphy.  Between 1999-2002, for the most part, during his stay at Concordia, he appeared at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in "936 Laurel Place", "Four Walls Blues" and "Oedipus at Colonus" - all directed by Jeri Brown and in "Michael Golden and Friends" and the "Michael Golden Ensemble" as well as taking part in the "Jazz Vespers" series with Homzy and Charles Ellison. 

In recent years his appearances have been basically in two formats, a duo with piano and an ensemble (piano, bass, drums) to which he has, on occasion, added a horn player the likes of a Dave Turner or a Charles Ellison.  During the time spent in Montreal there were long engagements at Upstairs (the city's principal jazz room) and the LeBlanc Resto-Lounge as well as appearances at the Cock 'n Bull, Reggie's Pub, Le Swimming and Maestro plus excursions working on the Holland America Cruise Line and at Club Med.

In My Head (2002)
Radio and television broadcasts:

Child musical theatre actor on THE ROCKETS, a Saturday morning national CTV television show about five kids trying to make it big. He has also been played on CBC (Homerun, MTL) and CKUW 90.3(McGIll Radio, Montreal)

Unissued recordings:
About 12 hours worth of demos and live recordings.

Magazine and newspaper articles:
Montreal Gazette, Irwin Block, Nov 2001
Concordia Thursday Report, Barbara Black, "Love Gets A Hand From Michael Golden", February, 2002
Montreal Mirror, 2002, Rupert Bottenberg
Hour Magazine, Montreal, Richard Burnett
Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg MB, Promo for the WINNIPEG JAZZ FESTIVAL, June 2002
Winnipeg Jazz Festival

1st Place, Force Avenir, Quebec, 2001/2002, Arts and Culture category.


Contact information:
web: www.michaelgoldenjazz.com
emails: mjgolden2000@yahoo.com
Mailing Address:
Michael Golden
c/o 53 Devonport Blvd
Winnipeg MB R3P 0B1

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