Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Gonzalez, Carlos "Sir Charles"

Gonzalez, Carlos "Sir Charles", drums, composer; b. Madrid, Spain, 16 June 1955. Self-taught, he studied Information Sciences at Madrid University. After graduation, decided to become a professional jazz musician. Played with various local groups and in 1982 started his own quartet (Neobop). During the 80's the group toured the whole country performing in numerous national and international festivals, also winning several awards, especially in 1988, the "Dexter Gordon Prize," an award given by the TV show "Jazz Entre Amigos."

During the past 15 years as a sideman he was required to play in performance backing many international jazzmen visiting Spain such as James Moody, Jim Snidero, Mike Osborne, Ron Jackson, Gene Shimosato, Pedro Iturralde, Doug Raney, but above all, stands his long collaboration with the late great organ player Lou Bennett who hired him as his steady trio drummer from 1986 on until his death in the late 90's. Under his leadership, Gonzalez played all over the country and many concerts and gigs in France. Bennett was a real mentor and with him Gonzalez backed a number of important soloists such a Clifford Jordan, Frank Lacy, Pony Poindexter, and Eric Barrett. It was Bennett who gave him the nickname of "Sir Charles" which he keeps with a real pride.

In June 93', Gonzalez formed the "Milestones Trio," a working unit that became the house rhythm at "Whisky Jazz Club" of Madrid. The group also backed for tours through Spain a good number of American jazz musicians such as Jeanne Lee, Bob Mover, Valery Ponomarev, Gary Bartz, Eric Alexander, Grant Stewart, Kirk McDonald and Ricky Ford until 1999 when the trio disbanded.In August 99', he composed the music for theater play, a drama called "El Ultimo Sueno" ("The Last Dream") and at the end of 2000 he appeared in the movie "Atrapada En Un Blues" ("Caught In A Blues").

In February 2000 he was granted individually a new award, the "Aula 10"" prize as the best soloist in the 4th edition of "Melilla Jazz Festival." The same year he formed a new group, a trio called "BAC." His other activities within the national Jazz scene  excluding the ones as a musician), include broadcasting a daily jazz program ("Y Ahora Jazz") at Radio Popular FM from 1974 to 1977, also writing many reviews and columns for magazines and newspapers ("Diario ABC"), several dozen of liner notes for the releases in Spain of the Roulette label albums and the chapters on Spanish Jazz History for the "Enciclopedia del Jazz", published by Sarpe in 1980.

Apart of that he was, from 1984 to 1991, musical advisor for the TV. show "Jazz Entre Amigos." He also worked on and off as a Jazz D.J. at the " agtime Jazz Bar"  (especially when the amount of gigs in Madrid was rather meager.). He also occasionally gives musically illustrated conferences on his favourite subject "History Of The Developement Of Jazz Drumming" in cultural centers, schools and colleges around the country.

He has his own entry in the spanish edition of the "Dictionaire Du Jazz" of Andre Clergeat.

Neobop: Malik O.K.; Susana Peris: Cool Songs For Hot Spirits; Neobop: Blue Sax; Ramon Leal & Beatrice Binotti: Bossa Nova 1999; Chema Saiz: Mi Carro; Santiago De La Muela: Lo Que Nos Gusta Es Esto; Meli Bernet: I Remember You; Javier Bercebal: La Buena Vida; Santiago De La Muela: Horas Privadas; Bac Trio: Ya

Contact information:
Carlos Gonzalez
C/  Dos Amigos , 3 ,4 D.
28015 Madrid - SPAIN Tlf: 915418339
Fax: 913070505

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