Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Gordon, Bill (William Stewart)

Gordon, Bill (William Stewart), pianist, composer & teacher; b. Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, MA, 20 January 1949. He Grew up in countryside north of Baltimore. His mother, Frances Virginia Willis Gordon (1909-1999) was a newspaper reporter and writer. His father, Henry Skipwith Gordon (1900-1960), was a newspaper reporter, writer and poet. His siblings are Maggie Gordon sister, (b. 1945), Suzy Gordon sister, (b. 1941), Jim Gordon brother, (b. l939) and Skip Gordon brother, (b. 1929) His wife is Nancy Lee Weiss (b. 1957). He met her at as vocalist at a session in NYC. They did jazz and blues concerts and gigs for ten years. She recently began studying renaissance guitar.

At age 17, he studied with Richard Dipterans  in Baltimore. In Wiesbaden, Germany, he studied with Friedrich Buttler and Gertrud Schulze-Zeidler. From the ages 24-28, he studied with Ed Bedner in Boston at Berklee. Also at Berklee, he studied with Jeff Covell when he was 24. At age 49, he studied with
Madeline Bruser in New York.

Gordon started playing professionally at the age of fourteen, as drummer and leader of his rhythm & blues showband in Baltimore.    He subsequently studied piano and composition at the Wiesbaden Conservatory in Germany and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He has composed and produced music in genres ranging from symphonic to funk, pop to avant-garde jazz, film tracks to r&b cabaret.  As a performer, Bill has recorded extensively and appeared as soloist, accompanist, and sideman throughout the United States and Europe.  He has also taught music privately and at colleges in Boston, New York City, Raleigh/Durham and Miami.

Peculiar Rhythm & Blues (1985); A Little Romance (1994); Out The Box (2001)

Television and Videos:
Painting Churches: 1992; movie with Gregory Peck & Lauren Bacall
CNN:  1992 performance and arts medicine segment
Peculiar Rhythm & Blues: 1985 video

Unissued recordings:
1979-1989  over 100 hours unreleased recordings, most done at my loft on 22nd St., NYC
Big Foot  1979;  unreleased tapes of progressive jazz & funk quintet

Berklee Today  1995;  piece by Gordon on musicians care for the ears
CNN Health News  1992 piece about athletic perils of playing music
Durham Sun  1990 feature about his first concert  in ten years

Contact information:
817 NE 116th Street
Miami, FL 33161

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