Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Gordon, Rocky

Gordon, Rocky, drums, keyboards, piano; b. Philadelphia, 18 June 1963. Rocky is the son of jazz tenor saxophonist Irv Gordon (Billie Holiday, Sinatra, Bennett), who moved the family from Philadelphia to Las Vegas when Rocky was young and when work was plentiful in that town.

Rocky studied classical piano from age nine, only to continue his musical venture behind a set of drums a few years later as a student of big band great Irv Kluger.  He later studied composition, arranging, and orchestration privately with the legendary Wes Hensel, who would eventually leave Vegas to accept a position as director of arranging and orchestration at Berklee School Of Music in Boston.

After years of playing drums behind several name performers and shows, Rocky felt the need to add a melodic instrument as an additional outlet for expression.  His love of keyboards primarily a tool for composition.  His love of saxophone was probably reflected as part of the genes of his father.  One day he went to a local music store, purchased a sax, and began learning the instrument.

Although he was virtually self taught for the first few years, he sought out his father's guidance for some time, only later to build the foundation of his playing under the mentoring of jazz saxophone great Bill Trujillo.

Rocky still resides between Las Vegas and Philadelphia.  He has maintained long-standing relationships with Fibes Drums and E.M.Winston Saxophones as an endorser, performing clinics for E.M.Winston around the country.

Song Painting; Perfect World

Contact information:
E.M.Winston Band Instruments                                      Misata Entertainment Group
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4th Floor, Space A                                                            North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031
Long Island City, NY. 11101                                          (702) 638-1351
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(212) 229-0642 FAX

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