Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Goulding, Scott

Goulding, Scott, drums; b. Chambersburg, PA, 9 February1968. Goulding began playing drums at the age of 10 and undertook musical studies throughout his youth.  His professional career began at the age of 12, appearing in clubs and concerts, playing a wide variety of music with many different acts. By 1986, he had relocated to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music where he studied with Joe Hunt, Hal Crook, Ian Froman, John Ramsay, and Ed Uribe.  After his graduation, he has become an active international jazz performer, recording artist, and educator, currently residing in the Boston area where he teaches privately and at The Berklee College of Music.

Goulding has performed in major cities throughout the world at jazz clubs, concerts, clinics, tours and festivals.  His performance and recording credits include George Garzone, Larry Grenadier, Joanne Brackeen, Kevin Mahogany, Jerry Bergonzi, Alan Broadbent, John Lockwood, Howard Levy, Frank Tiberi, Harvey Diamond, Ed Tomasi, Ricky Ford, Stan Stickland, Ken Cervenka, Malcolm "Shorty" Jarvis, and Phil Grenadier.

Goulding was featured on the July 1996 cover of Jazz Player Magazine. In spring 2000, he toured with jazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany. Goulding was the drummer for a steady weekly gig in Boston with tenor saxophone legends, George Garzone and Frank Tiberi (Woody Herman bandleader). Following in the footsteps of drumming luminaries Joe Hunt, Jorge Rossy, Jim Black, and Jeff Williams, for three years, Goulding was the drummer in the house Jazz Trio at the Four Season's Hotel every Friday and Saturday night. From 2000-2002 he held down his own gig three nights a week at Prudential Center. Currently, he is performing around Boston both as a highly sought after freelancer and with The Yoko Miwa Trio. Goulding endorses Paiste cymbals.

Takashi Kudo: Red and Black (2002); Yoko Miwa: In the Mist of Time; Tatsu Kisaragi and Jerry Bergonzi: Power Play; Ryo Hashizume: And Then You Heard Tales; Tatsu Kisaragi and Jerry Bergonzi: Lazybird; Ryo Hashizume: In A Stranger's Hand; Brenda Hopkins Miranda: Boricua on Board; Tatsu Kisaragi and Jerry Bergonzi: Deep Three; Christian Gall: Vibes of Boston; Osamu Moriyama: Invisible"; Yoko Miwa: Fadeless Flower

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