Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Grant, Greg (Gregory Davis)

Grant, Greg (Gregory Davis), saxophone, composer; b. New York City, NY, 7 November 1969. Son of Alan and Michelle Grant (both b. 1942), Greg grew up in Briarcliff, NY. Studied alto saxophone with Herk Faranda from the age of 12 to 17. Then studied for a year and a half at Oberlin College/Conservatory in Oberlin, OH. There he studied saxophone with Nathan Davis and was in the jazz band for a year with the trumpet player Donald Byrd as the band director. Donald Byrd left Oberlin and Greg decided to pursue music outside of an institution.

He played on the streets of cities all over Europe as well as many cities in the USA. Played in various bands and duos playing in clubs, concert halls and cultural centers in Europe and the USA. Lived in Barcelona, Spain off and on between 1994 and 1999, now resides in northwestern Montana, where he has constructed a recording studio built with straw bales and powered by solar panels - completely off the grid.

He also is a partner with Linda Vigil in their record label, Altered State Records. He continues to compose and perform as a solo act as well as with various musicians. He plays guitar and sings, as well as playing the saxophone.

Musth (1994); After The Crash (2001); Bisbe Street (2002); Jupiter Watches (2003)

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