Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Grant, Jerry (Jerome)

Grant, Jerry (Jerome), composer/conductor; b. Detroit, MI, 31 December 1936. Partnered to Corinne Gelfan since 1973 and married since 1991 was a key relationship to help Jerry weather the storms being in the music business as a composer. An earlier marriage to Beverly Grant in 1961, fostered two boys, Jeff and Jason. Rock and playing guitar is Jason's passion.

Jerry Grant became fascinated with the sound of a saxophone at the age of 9 and at 14, began study on the instrument. Final study was with famed saxophone teacher Larry Teal.  He began performing professionally by the age of 16 and by the age of 19, Woody Herman asked him if he would like to join the band.  Seeing what the road did to some friends, he decided to complete college. He fronted a pianoless quartet  (sometimes two horns or sax and guitar) because the interplay of line was the most exciting to him musically.

Jerry also performed as a jazz/ rock studio musician in Detroit, contributing to Motown tracks, while composing and performing in the concert medium. He attended Wayne State University where he received a first degree in music and subsequently attended The Detroit Institute of Musical Arts.  While serving in the U.S. Army, Jerry was chosen for the faculty at the band training school.  Entering the All Army entertainment contest, he became a finalist with his co-led jazz group (a quintet including trombonist, Garnett Brow). From there he was chosen to be musical director and arranger for the Rolling Along Show (a 25 member variety review) which toured the world entertaining military personnel.  Relocating to Los Angeles and continuing an advanced degree in composition at USC, he became a studio performing musician on saxophone and flute and began vocal, string and horn arranging for records as well as songwriting, landing a contract at ABC records. Performing with a variety of jazz/rock groups led to organizing once again him own group. This time, he conducted and composed the library for a 12-piece Jazz/Fusion group. Spectrum performed concerts in the Los Angeles area.   A review in Variety called it,  'exciting, moody and pulsating, laced with dramatic images."

Pete Carpenter heard the group and enlisted Jerry to began composing for the famed Mike Post/Pete Carpenter tevevisionmusic team which lasted for 9 years.  Having had a career in film composition since 1978, Grant has scored and supervised or conducted nearly 500 episodes of television film and features. Jerry continues to compose music for the concert hall accepting several commissions.  He has taught Composing and Conducting for Film at UCLA for 10 years and has served on the board of directors of the SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists) heading the SCL's seminar program for several years.  He is a member of BMI.

The year 2001 signaled a return to his roots with a new alternative jazz band. The music being an eclectic blend of his varied musical journey; dramatic music, funk, jazz and symphonic techniques, over a rock rhythm section. The Nujazz Alternative was born with a new CD being released in late 2001. Jerry contributed to many albums as a composer/arranger or performer but this is the first album release for Jerry under his own banner.

Rush Hour (2001)

Composer credits:
The Secret World of Alex Mack 65 episodes
World of Valor Theme & 26 episodes
Quantum Leap Pilot & 17 episodes 
Hunter 68 episodes 
Wise Guy 13 episodes 
Magnum P.I. 92 episodes
A Team 63 episodes 
Hardcastle and McCormick 33 episodes 
Riptide 37 episodes 
Greatest American Hero  25 episodes

Feature Films:
Naked Truth    
Hired To Kill
In The Cold Of The Night
Ninja Academy  

Promotion / Specials:
SENSE COMMUNICATIONS commercial series
A&E Biography documentaries (multiples)
A&E Ancient Mysteries documentaries
A&E Investigative Report documentary (Trophy Kill)
Elite Choppers   Discovery Channel documentary mini-series
15th annual CableACE awards composed & produced
16th annual CableACE awards composed & produced

Raw Toonage multiples (partials) Disney
Dark Wing Duck multiples (partials) Disney
Duck Tales multiples (partials) Disney
The Adventures of Captain Planet multiples (partials) DIC

Theatrical Productions:
Disney: World on Ice   1981-1995 (orchestration / composition)
Puppetmaster of Lodz 2000 (incidental music for the play)

Contact information:
Contact through BMI
 info on WWW.nujazzalternative.com

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