Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Griglak, Juraj

Griglak, Juraj, double bass; b. Bratislava, Slovakia, 27 June 1963. His father, Frantisek Griglak, was a musician, a clarinet player in Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. He was born January 16th, 1930 in Vysne Lapse, Poland. His mother, Otilia Griglak, was born September 19th, 1928 in Malacky, Slovakia. She sang in the SLyUK Folk song and Dance Ensemble. His sister, Katarina Griglak, was born April 8, 1965 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Juraj is married to Regina Griglak, a harp player born February 21, 1964 in Zilina, Slovakia. Their children are Dominika Griglak, a violin player born September 22, 1985 in Bratislava,Slovakia and Daniel Griglak, born July 13, 1996 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Juraj was taught by Jaroslav Vasa (1977), Pavol Profant (1978-1984) and Ladislav Stukovsky (1986-1990). Juraj studied piano at a Primary Music School, at the age of twelve he began playing drums and guitar. With such variety of interests, his father decided he would study double bass at the Bratislava Conservatory (1978-1984).

At the conservatory he played in funk groups Tamis and Tagore. He performed in the Bratislava Conservatory Big Band, in Martin Kratochv'l's Jazz Q, in Esprit band, and Vlado Valovicy's VV System (the latter performed on Copenhagen Jazz Festival 1987). Between 1987 and 1991 he furthered his studies of double bass at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava, and he played with professional bands - the Czechoslovak Radio Big Band and the Czechoslovak Television Big Band.

He scored success as the member of the fusion music group Stop Time (led by Matoesy Jakabcyic). The group performed on Jazz festivals Jazz in Duketown (Hertogenbosch, Holand), and Jazz festival Aix en Provance ( France) He has appeared repeatedly at the Bratislava Jazz Festival. Many peoples still remember his jam session with Stanley Clark, at BJF 1985. In the early nineties he played in ASH Band and The Quartet. In 1994,the Slovak Jazz Association awarded him with the Ladislav Marton'k Prize "Jazzman of the Year".

He teaches on jazz workshops (12th International XXXL JAZZ Workshop 2001 Innsbruck- Tyrol-Austria, International Jazz Workshop Jazz and Wine Summer 2000,01,02 Poysdorf -Austria). Presently he plays with funk band Bee Connection, jazz and fusion trio Madhouse, Matus Jakabcic Quartet- modern jazz, Hot House - bebop and Gustav Brom Big Band. Juraj divides his time between jazz and classical music. In 1988, he toured Europe with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado, V'clav Neumann, and James Judd. Since 1991 he is a member of the Slovak Philharmonic. With S.P. he performed in most European countries, Japan, and the United States.

Concerts and tours with: Ron Affif, Greg Hopkins, Larry Smith, Georg Cables, Charlie Mc Coy, Jigg Wigham, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Cennet Jonsson, Andy Middletone, Sheila Cooper, Harry Sokal, Nicolas Simion, Janusz Muniak, Damon Brown, Eta Cameron, Karen Edwards, John Whitney, Andy Jaffe, Mark Weinstein, Piotr Baron, Johan Svensson, Georgij Garanjan, Melvin Canady, Michael Keul, Uli Bartel, John Bestch, Allan Praskin, Martin Kern, Oliver Kent, Harvig Gradischnig, Charlie Antolini, Juraj Bartos, Matus Jakabcic, Emil Viklicky, Lubos Andrst, and others.
He has jammed with Stevie Wonder (1989) and  Stanley Clark (1985).

Griglak played bassguitar with Luciano Pavarotti and Kosice philharmonic orchestra on concert in Kosice (16.5.1998 ). He also recorded and performed  Koncert for Bassguitar and Cimbal (Hungarian folk instrument ) with String Chamber Orchestra (from Slovak compozer Ivan Burlas).

J. Zsapka: Hommage to Beatles (1986); Stop Time: Stop Time (1990); The Quartet: Alice in Jazzland (1992); Marta Kubisov': Songs and feelings (1993); Monika: Monika (1993); Hammel-Hlad'k-Varga: Swan songs (1993); J. Bartos, Bratislava Hot Serenaders: Nevergreens (1993); Madre: Madre (1994); P. Lipa: Back on the trees (1994); Sy. Markovicy: The time (1995); Larry Smith and Company Live at Slovak Philharmonic (1995); Beatrice "La Rubia": Fiesta La Rubia (1995); Berco Balogh: Farbami dycha noc (1995); Gustav Brom Big Band: Legend (1996); I. Bartosyov': Waiting for my day (1996); P. Hammel: Life is... (1997); Gustav Brom Big Band: Gustav Brom Big Band (1997); Matoesy Jakabcyic Tentet, Featuring Special Guest Greg Hopkins (1998); B. Balogh, Gustav Brom Big Band: Hallo, Frankie Boy (1999); J. Hajnal: Monks Tatra Dream (1999); R. Muller: Mullenium Live (1999); Mad House (2000); Peter Cardarelis Bratislava Blue (2000): Bee Connection (2000); Juraj Grigl'k: Bass Friends (2000); Peter Breiner: Tango Goes Symphony (2001); Alena Cemakova: Sanzony a ine piesne (2002); Hot House Live (2002); Peter Lipa: Beatles In Blue(s) (2002); Robert Krestan: Basni Emily Dickinsonove (2002); Gabo Jonas Quartet Live (2002); Michal Vavro: Acoustic Colours (2003)
As a member of Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra he recorded about 10 CD's of  "classical" compozers ( Beethoven, Mahler, Dvorak, Franc, Cajkovskij, ........).

Jozeph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ( Andrew Lloyd Webber )
Sugar ( Jule Styne )

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