Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Grillot, Franssois (C.)

Grillot, Franssois (C.), bassiste; b.  Chalon-sur-saone, Burgundy, France, 23 March 1955. He was raised in Cruzille, small village near the vignards. His father is Joseph Grillot, born in 1919, and his mother is Suzanne Picot, born in 1920. His siblings are Jeane-Pierre (born c. 1946), Claudette (born c. 1949), Gilbert (born c. 1952), Dominique 45 (born c. 1958) and Bruno (born c. 1961). He studied music beginning at the age of 8 at a local music school, and started playing the cornet with the town's Marching Band. He also auditioned for an R&B local band. He started taking guitar lessons and soon after that took the electric bass, and starting playing ballrooms and dance halls right away.

He studied at the Chatenoy-le-Royal local music school for 4 years to become a trumpet player, and the bass, mostly playing along with records, but also attended le Lycee Mathias, L'ecole Technique de Chalon-sur-Saone, and graduated with an engineering diploma that led to various work in the field, his next studies started again in 1980 when he came to the US at City College, where he studied with Ed Summerlin and Stan Persky for a couple years.

His bass playing brought him to perform with local artists in Burgundy until a jam at a friend's club where he got his ticket to Paris and got invited to record and tour with the band he had met that night: Edition Speciale, lead by guitarist Mimi Lorenzini. In London, he played in a ska Band for a while. In France, he met Mary Cherney whom he came to New York at the end of 1980.

First he got a job as a music copyist, working for Charles Wuorinen, Elliott Carter and many of the prominent classical contemporary  composers, going to a lot of concerts and then he went to city college where he reinforced his knowledge of jazz harmony and arrangements, and got his first job as an arranger/producer/bassist/copyist for a small New York Production Co. an off broadway show: "The Rip Roaring 20's".

He then started meeting and playing with New York musicians like Harold Danko, Adam Nussbaum, Mike Clark, Patiente Higgins, Bobby Rouch, Bill Bickford, Ken Hatfield, and Ed Russell. He has performed in New York there ever since with such artists as in recent years Roy Campbell, Matt Maneri, Daniel Carter, Louie Belogenis, Sabir  Mateen,  Steve Swell, Kevin Norton, Matt Lavelle, Andre Martinez, and his  latest "rencontres"  Jay Rosen, Dom Minasi and a bass duo with Ken Filiano at the Downtown  Music Gallerie recently.

He's done all of these things while holding the position of jazz buyer/floor manager at Tower Records near Lincoln Center ca. 1994-2004, and other jobs.
Grillot has a daughter Charlotte 17, and a son Vincent 28 (from an earlier marriage).

Edition Speciale: Aurore Boreale (1977); Mama Bea Teckelsky (1979); Serge Bringolf (1980); Ed Russell: Visions of Order (1990), The Law of Circonstance (2000); Matt Lavelle: Handling the Moment; Steve Swell's Septet

Contact information:
 Adress:  Franssois Grillot
 406 West 56th Street, # 5E
 New York, N.Y. 10019
 Email: fgrillot@eartlink.net
 Phone: (212)246-7742

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