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Grosskopf, Andy

Grosskopf, Andy, saxophone and flute player; b. Buchen, Germany, 25 December 1972. While he was an infant, his family moved to a small town called Tettnang in the south of Germany near Lake Constance. There he got his first lessons in classical piano (1978-1986). From 1986 to 1991 he took lessons in classical clarinet, before changing to the saxophone in 1991. That was the time when he began to hear and play Jazz. He played in several bands from Rock to Jazz, from Jazz-Combo to Big Band. After finishing school in 1993, he began studying Jazz at the "Academy of Contemporary Music / ACM" in Zurich / Switzerland. His sax-teachers there were Martin Buergi & Markus Hauser.

In 1995 ((grosskopf)) received a scholarship for the "Skidmore Jazz Institute" in Saratoga Springs / NY. Workshops and lessons where held by a.o.: Renee Rosnes, Ed Shaughnessy, Pat LaBarbera, Milt Hinton, Frank Mantooth, Maynard Ferguson and others. In March 1995 he changed from Zurich to Leipzig and continued his studies in saxophone and arrangement at the College for Music and Drama "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy". In summer 1999 he graduated with a diploma in saxophone and arrangement.

In Leipzig he started his extensive playing and living really as a professional in music. His mainstream Jazz-trio "AG Trio" with Gunter Pasler on bass and Jan Roth on drums earned wider recognition playing clubs and festivals in the Leipzig area. In October 1997, Grosskopf found the Jazz-Rock-group Scrooge which still exists today. This band was invited to play in Paris (1998) and the Poitiers European Jazz-Festival (1999). With Scrooge he plays throughout Germany. In 1999, Grosskopf, received the "Leipzig Jazz-Award" for his project MSP, where he and guitarist Oli Schmidt transferred John Coltrane's "Meditations" to today's Drum'nBass-Ambient-styles. This project was chosen to be the winner of this award by the well-known jazz-journalist Dr. Bert Noglik. The "art-award of the city of Friedrichshafen" was given to him in May 2002, because of his wide stylistic range in playing and composing. It was also then, when Grosskopf found his own label (type:g) records.

Today he plays a lot with his latest project ((grosskopf)), which is a mixture of Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Drum'nBass. In the past he played nearly all styles with different musicians: Mainstream-Jazz, Free Jazz, Rock, Pop and so on.
Grosskopf played clubs and festivals in Leipzig, Emsdetten, Hamburg, Dresden, Hof, Paris (F), Poitiers (F), Friedrichshafen, Berlin, Sassnitz, Rostock, Dortmund, to name a few.

Jazzpoint Big Band Wangen (1993); recordings for the soundtrack of the documentary-film "White Kings in Africa" (1998); Scrooge: Scrooge (2000); type:g (2002)
Unissued recordings:
"1993-2003 about 25 hours of private tapes from concerts in Paris and throughout Germany"

Websites including GROSSKOPF:

Contact information:
((grosskopf)) @ (type:g)records
phone & fax: ++49 (0) 341 - 479 05 94
e-mail: brain@groko.de
URL: http://www.groko.de

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