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Haddad, Jamey

Haddad, Jamey, percussionist/drummer; b. Cleveland, OH, 2 July 1952.  He left Cleveland 1 1/2 years out of high school in 1972 to Boston. Since 1991 Jamey has performed in the working bands of Paul Simon, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Alan Farnham, The Paul Winter Consort, Simon Shaheen, Betty Buckley, Steve Sheehan, Peter Herbert , Simon Shaheen and  Rabih Abou Khalil.

Haddad's musical voice transcends styles and trends, and the universal quality of his playing has attracted many international collaborations. Most recently Haddad recorded with Paul Simon for an upcoming album and tour, and with guitar duo " The Brothers Assad". Recent performances include with the Paul Winter Consort at the 1998 Winter Solstice Concerts and at the The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival. Long time musical associate, saxophonist Joe Lovano and Jamey performed for a duet concert in New York City, followed by a trip to the Mid-East with oud / violinist Simon Shaheen followed by work with Shaheen on the score of a United Nations documentary celebrating 50 years of The Human Rights Mandate. He performed at Birdland in New York as a 7-year member of the Dave Liebman Quartet. For over ten years fellow percussionist / composer Steve Shehan has invited Haddad to collaborate on numerous projects most recently to Paris and Caracas with the Touareg musician Baly Othmani.

Unification through International Collaborations: In 1992 Haddad was invited by composer Richard Horowitz and the Moroccan Government to help develop and perform compositions with 10 different Berber and Ganawan groups for a Crown Performance at the 1992 Worlds Fair in Seville, Spain. Haddad was also one of two Americans to perform in "World Drums" at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada and again at the 1988 Worlds Fair in Brisbane Australia. Over 250 Percussionist from 25 Countries were invited. Other recent performances include touring Austria with bassist Peter Herbert and performing with the oud player/composer, Rabih Abou Khalil in  Mid East. Fellowships and awards: Haddad is the Recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to South India, 4 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, 2 in Jazz Performance and 2 in International Music Studies/Collaborations. The Ohio and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts also awarded Haddad jazz performance grants.

Internationally in demand for his seminars, master classes, and written essays on music, Haddad chooses to talk about the more eternal and universal qualities of a musical life. He has developed two extremely popular courses in "Insights into World Music" and teaches at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the New School in New York City. Recent seminar / performances include the 1996 & 98 Percussive Arts Society Convention, performing with hand drumming virtuoso, Glen Velez; The Berklee Percussion Seminar, performing with South Indian Master Drummer Trichy Sankaran and Alessendra Balloni and a performance and seminar at a World Percussion Conference in Mexico City.

 Haddad's talents as an improviser and his ability to paint a panoramic view through the layering of his unique arsenal of percussion has served many composers and directors. A short list includes: John Sayles, Julie Taymor, Elliot Goldenthal, Michael Small, Jamie Lawerence, Steve Gorn and Simon Shaheen.

Form follows function and having the technical facility and acknowledge of a world of percussion instruments has led Haddad to conceive and develop many new and hybrid instruments. His work with William Kooenga, Frank Giorgini, Cooperman Fife and Drum, LP Percussion, Fortune Drums and Remo has successfully led to the development of many musical instruments and playing techniques that are finding their way into the hands of percussionist worldwide. The Hadgini, The Hadjira, The Hadjenga, and The Kohabata Drums are to name a few. He has worked with Tony Marino, Dave Liebman,  Bruce Dunlap,  Vic Juris,  Allen Farnham,  Billy Drewes, Betty Buckley, Glen Velez, Paul Winter, Eugene Friesen,  Phil Markowitz, David Chesky,  Paul Halley,  Paul Wickliffe,  Kenny Werner,  Steve Shehan,  Sara K.,  Kent Heckman and more.

Recordings, Broadcasts, and Films:

Names (1984); Allen Farnham: Fifth House (1989); George Young: Old Times (1989); New York Voices: Collection (1989); Judy Collins: Fires of Eden (1990); Paul Halley: Fires of Eden (1990); Paul Halley: Angel on a Stone Wall (1991); New York Voices: Hearts of Fire (1991); Best of Chesky Jazz Vol. 2 (1992); Sara K: Closer Than They Appear (1992); Carly Simon: This Is My Life (1992); Allen Farnham: Play-Cation (1992); Christopher Hollyday: And I'll Sing Once More (1992); Ana Caram: Other Side of Jobim (1992); Bruce Dunlap: About Home (1992); Chesky Jazz and Audiophil Best Of, Vol. 2 (1992); Manhattan New Music Pro Mood Swing (1992); Tom Lellis: Taken to Heart (1992); Bruce Dunlap: Rhythm of Wings (1993); Betty Buckley: Children Will Listen (1993); Paul Winter: Solstice Live! (1993); Sara K.: Play on Words (1993); Paul Winter: Prayer for the Wild Things (1994); Eliot Goldenthal: Gate Golden Gate (1994);  Michael Davis: Midnight Crossing (1994); Dave Liebman: Songs for My Duahger (1994), Miles Away (1994); Roseanna Vitro: Passion Dance (1994); Best of Chesky Jazz & Classics (1994); Betty Buckley: With One Look (1994); Alllen Farnham: Common Thread (1995); Dave Liebman: Voyage Percussion (1995); Collection Vol. 1 (1995); Steve Shenan: Arrows (liner notes - 1995); Dave Liebman: Standards on Tenor! (1996); Noirin NiRiain: Celtic Soul (1996); Betty Buckley: Evening at Carnegie Hall (1996); Robert Lepley: Benford (1996); Glen Velez: Rhythm Color Exotica (producer, liner notes - 1996); New Spirits in Jazz: New Spirits in Jazz (1996); Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Thank You, John! (1996);Badi Assad: Echoes of Brazil (1997); Various: Gershwin Songbook (1997); Dominique Eade: When the Wind Was Cool (1997); Jamshied Sharifi: Prayer for the Soul of Layla Dumbeck (1997); Pulp Fusion: Pulp Fusion (1997); Steve Shehan: Safar Kanjira (1998); Men With Guns (1998); Dave Liebman: John Coltrane's Meditations (1998)

Instructional Books And Videos:

Haddad has recently completed a Book and supporting Video on the subject of internalizing your personal rhythm titled  "Global Standard Time". Through his years of performing, teaching and traveling international, Haddad has integrated a method of sharing and teaching rhythm. Based on time tested concepts found throughout the old and new world, Haddad focuses the light on the fact that rhythms are options and extensions that are conceived, incubated and evolve out of an inner dance in the field of a mood - groove, and no two people have the same dance. The observations, lessons, and philosophies presented in  "Global Standard Time"   are addressed to any musician looking to Internalize, Personalize and Strengthen their perceptions of levels of time and rhythms and the grooves they dance in.



Contact info:

Jamey Haddad
2944 Winthrop Rd
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120
216-295-1915 - home
917-769-8258 - cell
e-mail: jh4hadgini@aol.com

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