Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hall, Glenn (Scott)

Hall, Glenn (Scott), tenor/soprano saxophones, flutes, bass, clarinet, composer; b. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 7 August 1950. His father, Walter Hall, was from Sanquahar, Scotland and died in 2002. His mother was born Sonia Myzska in Winnipeg. She died in 1999. Hall lives with his wife Lynn and two daughters Devin and Erin just outside of Toronto.  He is a professor of Communications at Humber College and teaches mystical literature at Sheridan College. He is self-taught on flute and clarinets. He studied saxophone with Steve Senyk and music with ex-Ellington trombonist, Bob Lyde, but used local guitarist Lenny Breau as a musical model.

Began playing guitar and harmonica in early teens playing mostly rock, blues, folk and country music. Began playing flute in 1966, tenor sax 1967, bass clarinet 1969. He became interested in electronic music, experimenting with tapes and synthesizers.  In 1970 he met Chicago multi-instrumentalist, Tommy Ponce, with whom he began to perform regularly.  After completing is post-grad degree in literature in 1973, Hall moved to Boston to study at Berklee.  He completed 4 semesters, returning to Winnipeg to form the Whole Life Communication Orchestra.  In 1976 he traveled to Germany to study composition with Gyorgy Ligeti and Mauricio Kagel, returning to co-found jazz/rock group Zdenka and play in the Ron Paley Big Band.

He also led his own quartet featuring ex-Lenny Breau drummer Reg Kelln and bassist Ron Haldorsen. He recorded his first album in New York in 1979 with Joanne Brackeen, Billy Hart, Cecil McBee and Joshua Breakstone. In 1980, Hall and his wife Lynn moved to Toronto, where he played with many of the major jazz musicians such as Phil Nimmons, Ed Bickert, Don Thompson, Claude Ranger and Terry Clarke.  He played with his own trio (Geordie McDonald drums, Michael Morse bass).  He composed music for percussion group Nexus that was arranged by Gil Evans and in 1985 it was recorded.  He began working on another project with Gil that was to be filmed by Larry Hicock, Evans' biographer, but when Gil died, Hall took the music and formed an octet and recorded for the CBC and CJRT.  The octet, Right Hand/Left Hand, performed twice at the Toronto Jazz Festival. He then formed Strange Attractors with guitarist Kevin Breit. 

In 1997 he composed, arranged and recorded Hallucinations: Music and Words for William S. Burroughs with trombonist Roswell Rudd and an 11 piece group.  In 1999 he recorded The Roswell Incident with his quintet OutSource and Rudd. He currently leads that group, an 11 piece redShift, the improvising chamber ensemble Sonora, sound-art group EAR-CAM, jazz trio Trio Muo, and a H2R, a trio with Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo and alternating drummers Gerry Hemingway and William Hooker.

Hall founded and currently directs the annual (416) Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival in 2000 and in 2003 directed CIA (creative improvisers assembly) Makes Musics of Mass Deconstruction festival. Hall has performed with John Scofield, Lee Konitz, Ed Blackwell, George Lewis, Domenic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Michael Snow, David Tronzo, Jimmy Guiffre, Sam Rivers, Karl Berger, Pauline Oliveros, Frederick Rzewski, Christof Caskel, and many others.

Quintet (1978); The Book of the Heart (with Joanne Brackeen) (1979); The Jimmy King Show (1980); The Mother of the Book (Gil Evans arranger, piano) (1985, released in 1994); Octet (1988); Strange Attractors (1996); Hallucinations: Music and Words for William S. Burroughs (1998); Glen Hall Quintet (1999); The Roswell Incident (2000); Wobble (2001, unreleased); Oasis of Whispers (2001, unreleased); Intensity: redShift (2001, unreleased); Sonora Live at the Fringe Festival (2002, unreleased); Live at (416) (2002, unreleased); Open the Way: EAR-CAM (2002, unreleased)

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Contact information:
12 Allendale Road
Brampton, Ontario
Canada L6W 2Y6

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