Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hammerschmidt, Reinhart

Hammerschmidt, Reinhart, double-bass player, graphic designer; b. Mannheim, Germany, 6 January 1958. While he was an infant, his family (he and his parents: Kurt Hammerschmidt, 1916 and Gisela Hammerschmidt, born Knispel, 1916) moved to Bad Duerkheim.

 Reinhart had piano lessons from about age 8, then taught himself guitar and electric bass, and started to play with rock bands with the age of 13 as a bass player. Becoming dedicated to jazz from about the age of 16 he started to play with several jazz-influenced local players. He moved to Trier in 1976 to study first pedagogics and then graphic design. There also he switched to doublebass in 1980, obtaining lessons from Dieter Manderscheid. In 1982 he moved to Bremen where he continued his studies. There he took lessons with Sigi Busch. In 1984 and 1985 he took part at the 'Remscheid Jazz Workshop' being student of Adelhard Roidinger and also received lessons from Barre Phillips at the 'Days for New Music' at the Darmstadt the same year. Also he did some studies with Ed Shuller.

In 1986 he finished his graphic studies with a diploma and has been a freelance graphic designer since then.
In 1987 he was finalist of the European Jazz Competition with the group Sprinx. With the groups Art's Praxis, Sprinx!, Peter Apel-Combo und dem HCL-Ensemble, he won several times the competition Jazzpodium Niedersachsen (1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 2002) and the NDR-Hoerfest (1985/1986).

Since 1986 he was frequently touring in Germany and other countries (Russia, Italy, Poland, Austrich, Suisse, Romania, Armenia, Belgia und the former GDR). Some of these tours were sponsored by the Goethe Institut.
He took part in many festivals such as Taktlos (ZYrich, Basel), Kryptonale (Berlin), Expo 2000, Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Kyk Art Festival St. Petersburg, SaitensprYnge (Radio Bremen), Jazzfest Bukarest, Jazzfestival Leverkusen, Jazzfestival Archangelsk, Jazz at Moscow, Silent Movie Festival Ekaterinenburg, Festivalul de Jazz Costinesti, Ruhrfestspiele, Jazzfest Sibiu, Breminale, Stadtmusik OsnabrYck, Bremer Tanzherbst, OFF-LINES Freiburg, Jazzfestival Timisoara, Konstanzer Jazzherbst, FACES (Kampnagel Hamburg), Jazzfestival Cluj-Napoca, Nord-Jazzfestival Westerstede, Jazzfest Delmenhorst, OFF-ON Bremen, TON ART-Hamburg, Internationale Studienwoche for zeitgenSssische Musik-LYneburg.

Since 1992 he focused more and more on free improvised jazz music and started to play with musicians like Vladimir Tarasov (Russia, drums & percussion), Maggie Nichols (England, voice), Phil Minton (England, voice), Dror Feiler (Sweden, sax), Markus Eichenberger (suisse, clarinet), Steve Lacy (America, sax), Keith Rowe (England, guitar), Urs Leimgruber (Suisse, sax), Charlotte Hug (Suisse, viola), JYrg Solothurnmann (Suisse, sax), Jaap Blonk (Netherlands, voice), Fritz Hauser (Suisse, drums), John Butcher (England, sax), Albert Mangelsdorf (Germany, trombone), Uli Phillipp (Germany, doublebass), Harald Kimmig (Germany, violin), Johannes Frisch (Germany, doublebass), JYrgen Morgenstern (Germany, doublebass), Heinz-Erich GSdecke (Germany, trombone), Hannes Clauss, Hans KSmper (Germany, trombone), Georg Wolf (Germany, doublebass), Heinz-Peter Hofmann (Germany, doublebass); MOSCOW COMPOSERS ORCHESTRA (Russia), F-ORKESTRA (Germany).He also worked with the dancer Fine Kwiatkowski (Germany), the dance-company Les Passageurs (Germany) and the artists Dimitri Prigov (Russia) und Isolde Loock (Germany).

He is member of the MIB (organization of the jazz musicans in Bremen) since 1982. Since 1989 the MIB has a section for improvised jazz music, which up to now (March 2003) organized 95 concerts and two festivals ('toothbrush & eyebrows', 1993 and 'a cute music', 2000). Their web site is http://www.musikerinitiative-bremen.de

Since 2002 he started to integrate laptop and sampler to his live performances.
As graphic designer he mainly works in the context of cultural events (jazz festivals, dance festivals, new music festivals). He does posters and cd-covers for musicians and bands. His drawings were published for example in the magazine Jazz Podium and exhibited at the 'Jazzfestival Leverkusen'. In 2003, he was presented in the book 'Freistil - Best of German Commercial Illustration' (a collection of the best german illustrators, Hermann Schmidt Verlag, Mainz)

Sprinx! - Live (1987); East-West-Creativ Combinations (1988); Moscow Composers Orchestra - Live (1994); Ensemble Sondarc: For Four Rooms (1997); HCL Ensembe: 13 (2000); Train im Achter (2001)

Several radio recordings, radio interviews and TV perfomances, mainly for
Radio Bremen

Contact information:
Reinhart Hammerschmidt
Linienstrasse 18
28203 Bremen

Current groups:
Ensemble Sondarc - music for 6 basses:
BIQ (Bremen Improvising Quartet):
G...Decke Hammerschmidt Duo:

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