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Hanrahan, Kip

Hanrahan, Kip, record producer, composer, leader, percussion, guitar; b. The Bronx, NY, 9 December 1954. He attended DeWitt Clinton High School (Bronx), graduating in 1971. He also attended Cooper Union (NY), getting a BFA in 1975. His mother is Eleanor Klass Hanrahan (born Bronx, NY, 1920) and his father is Eugene.

He is married to  Nancy Weiss Hanrahan (born New Rochelle, NY, 24 Sept. 1954), professor of sociology (including sociology of music) at George Mason University, Virginia. Their daughter, Leijia Beth Hanrahan (born Manhattan, 14 June 1987) is a singer, guitarist and composer.

His albums, mostly on his own label American Clave, are noted for their innovative combinations of well-known musicians.

coup de tete (1981); Desire Develops an Edge (1983); Vertical's Currency (1984); A Few Short Notes for the End Run (1985); Days and Nights of Blue Luck Inverted (1987); Tenderness (1990); Exotica (1992); All Roads are made of the Flesh (1995); A Thousand Nights and a Night (1-Red Nights) (1996); A Thousand Nights and a Night (Shadow Nights - 1) (1997); A Thousand Nights and a Night (Shadow Nights - 2) (1998); Pinero (Soundtrack) (2002); Deep Rumba: This Night Becomes a Rumba (1998), A Calm in the Fire of Dances (2000); Conjure: Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed (1983), Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon (1987)

As a producer:
Jerry Gonzalez: Ya Yo Me Cure (1979); Milton Cardona: Bembe (1985); Astor Piazzolla: Tango: Zero Hour (1986); Paul Haines: Darn it! (1986-1993); Astor Piazzolla: The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (1987), La Cammorra (1988); Eddie Palmieri: Suenos (1988); Astor Piazzolla: 57 Minutes with Reality (1989); Milton Cardona: Cambucha (1999); Jack Bruce: Shadows in the Air (2000); Silvana DeLuigi: Yo! (2001); Alfredo Triff: 23 Broken Melodies at Once (2001); american clave: I was born, but... (2001); El Negro Horacio Hernandez and Robby Ameen: Robby and Negro at the Third
World War (2002); Dziga Vertov: Enthusiasm! (2002);

As a producer-not yet released (2003):
El Negro Horacio Hernandez and Robby Ameen; Jack Bruce; Kawashima; Kip Hanrahan; Piri Thomas; Conjure; A Thousand Nights and a Night (2- Open, Silver Nights)

Film soundtracks:
Pinero (directed by Leon Ichaso, 2000-2001)
Every Child is Born a Poet (directed by Jonathan Robinson, 1982-2003)

Works by Hanrahan:
Beautiful Tangos Recorded by Astor Piazzolla, but Never Released (Astor and
Me) - US: Shuffle Boil 3, summer 2003
Major articles about Kip Hanrahan:
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