Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hertlein, Rosi (Rosemarie)

Hertlein, Rosi (Rosemarie), violinist, vocalist, composer, percussionist and educator; b. Nuremberg, German, 13 November 1959.She grew up in Nuremberg. At age seven, she showed interest in learning to play a musical instrument, she was strongly drawn to the Blues music she listened to on the "American Forces Radio". At age nine, she convinced her parents to get violin lessons with a private teacher. She continued these weekly lessons until she entered the Conservatory of music at age 18, where she continued to study violin, piano and music theory.

From age 16-18 she studied at the high school for Graphic and Design, Nuremberg. Since these days, she continued to be active as a painter, she painted the cover art for the CD "Rapture", Joe McPhee & Trio X, special guest Rosi Hertlein; and at present she is creating art mobiles and other art works and collaborates with artists Annelie Weinstein, Nuremberg, Germany, Judith Hamann, Hamburg, Germany and Tashi Leo Lightning, New York, NY.

From 1982-1983, she studied violin with Ference Babary, and than moved to Hamburg, Germany to continue her violin studies. An accident disabled her to play her instrument for the following two years. She began to study Sociology and took classical vocal lessons with Ela Sammello, and later with Prof. Ingrid Kremling, both Hamburg. In 1989, she got a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Hochschule for Wirtschaft und Politik, Hamburg, Germany. She traveled to Ghana, West Africa, where she continued with her social studies and took drum lessons from various percussion masters. After regaining her flexibility in her left hand, she continued with her violin studies. 

Her education and musical training includes studies in violin, piano and music theory at the "Meistersinger", Nuremberg, Germany Konservatorium 1978-1982, violin lessons with Ference Babary, Nuremberg, Germany, 1982-1983, music sociological research at University Hamburg, Germany, 1983-1992, music-sociological research in Ghana, West Africa, 1991, vocal lessons with Ela Sammelo, Hamburg, and Germany, 1986-1990, vocal lessons with Prof. Ingrid Kremling, Hamburg, Germany, 1990-1995, workshop with Keith Rowe, music by Cornelius Cardew, Hamburg, Germany, 1993, workshop with Malcolm Goldstein, concerts, Hamburg, Germany 1994, vocal lessons with Hugh Murphy, New York, 1995, violin lessons with John Blake, New York, 1995-1996, and vocal lessons with Vera Satulsky, New York 2000-2002.

Since 1980 she performs in various settings in the worlds of classical, contemporary and jazz music with her violin, she sings classical repertoire as well as jazz and performs on agogo bells, hand drums and balaphone.
After visiting the US regularly since 1992, she decided to move to New York City in 1998. She teaches violin, vocals and music theory in several music schools and in the public school system. She has performed with modern classical ensembles and with Howard Johnson (a number of times since the early 90s), David Murray's Big Band (1996, Joe McPhee (1998-2001), and Reggie Workman (since 1999).

Her work in resent years includes collaborations with multi instrumentalist Joe McPhee, ensemble works with Daniel Carter and performances with composer Pauline Oliveros' "New Circle Quintet". In June 2002 she premiered Cecil Taylor's "With Blazing Eyes and Open'd Mouth" with the "Sound Vision Orchestra" and Mr. Taylor on piano. She performs with Reggie Workman's "African-American Legacy Project", plays violin in the "Richmond County Orchestra", and performed with the "Jump Arts Orchestra", conducted by Butch Morris, sings with the "Riverside Inspirational Choir" and the "Riverside Opera Company" (2000-2003), performs in theatrical productions with DADAnewyork and is a member of the improvisational group "Earth People".

She had a collaboration with pianist Klaus Treuheit, Erlangen, Germany at a concert at international poetry festival in Erlangen August 2003. She played a concert at the Ninth Vision Festival with Joe McPhee, Harold E. Smith and Dominic Duval. There is at least an audio recording of this concert, possibly a video as well.
She was first violinist in string quartet plus did electronic Harpsicord playing in four performances of Henry Purcell's Opera "Dido and Aeneas" at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, July 8th-10th 2004.The conductor was Christopher Johnson and the director was Emily Howard.

At present, "The Improvising Chamber Ensemble (ICE)", with Howard Johnson, Dave Taylor, Vincent Chancey, Jay Rosen, Charlie Burnham and herself on violin and vocals, is the focal point of her concern. This project features her particular compositions and concepts.

Two Letters I'll Keep (2001)

As sideperson:
Trio X: Rapture (1998); Joe McPhee: A Likely Story (1998); Pauline Oliveros's New Circle Quintet (2002)

Television and radio broadcasts:
Festival for classic and contemporary music "Frau und Musik", Bonn, Germany; Vocalist
in Vivian Olive's composition "At All, At All" for 6 women vocalists and 3 violas,
(TV broadcast); Appearance in one French women in jazz documentary, by Gilles Corre "Women in Jazz", France 2001; Performances with Ferdinand Forsch at the Kitchen, New York, NY, broadcast on John Schaefer's new sounds, WNYC, Ferdinand Forsch, Rosi Hertlein, Nioka Workman, Elektra Kurtis-Steward, Ken Butler and Raphael Mostel

Unissued recordings:
1993 project with Audrey Moutong and Howard Johnson leading ensemble with 5 African percussionists, 6 singers, drums, piano, guitar at Jazzfestival Hamburg, Germany, (videotape, ca. 60 min)
1996 Rosi Hertlein Trio with Howard Johnson and Warren Smith at studio Wis, (video tape ca. 60 min)
1996-1997 Vocalist, violinist, ukulele and actress in the music dance theatre production "Legal Fiction" by Jan Pusch, Kampnagel Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany, (video recording, ca. 90 min)
1997 Hertlein-Boeykens Duo at "Motte" Hamburg Germany, Pauline Boeykens, tuba, Rosi Hertlein, violin, vocals (video recording ca. 70min)
1998 Violinist, vocalist in ensembles led by Joe McPhee, concerts in New York and abroad, (ca. 60 min video recording at "Fire in the Valley Festival, Amherst, MA 1998) Joe McPhee, Joe Giardullo, Monica Wilson, Rosi Hertlein
2000 Violinist, singer, composer and actress in performances with the theatre group DADAnewyork. (ca. 90 min video recording of performance at the "Theatre for the New City)
 "Improvising Chamber Ensemble, (ICE)", (ca. 60 min Video recording from performance at the "Goethe Institut" , New York, NY) Rosi Hertlein, Vincent Chancey, Dave Taylor, Jay Rosen, Howard Johnson, Charlie Burnham
2002 Violinist and vocalist in concerts with Cecil Taylor and the "Sound Vision Orchestra", NY  (Video recordings from workshop at "Turtle Bay Music School, ca. 20 min video & video recordings from concerts at the "Knitting Factory" ca. 5 hours)
Solo performance recordings, ca. 5 hours; trio recordings with Howard Johnson, Warren Smith, Rosi Hertlein, ca. 5-6 hours; duo recordings with bass player Sabine Wortmann, ca.3hours; duo recordings with bass player Dominic Duval, ca. 2 hours; recordings of medival music "Quodlibet" ca. 8 hours; recordings with blues band "Greenfields" ca. 2 hours
Collaboration with Bruce Eisenbeil and Charles Cohen playing John Coltrane's music, performance at the Goethe Institute,NY, November 6th 2003; DVD ca. 60 min.
Concert at the Ninth Vision Festival with Joe McPhee, Harold E.Smith and Dominic Duval. There is at least an audio recording of this concert, possibly a video as well.

Received grand to participate in the international residency for jazz musicians at Ledig House in Omi, NY

Contact information:
mailto: rosiheartline@yahoo.com
2   Nicholas Street Apt.
Staten Island, NY  10301 USA

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