Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hinds, Erik (Peter)

Hinds, Erik (Peter), H'arpeggione player; b. Red Bank, NJ, 2 December 1972. His father was John Van Hinds III, born 1940, died 1990. His mother is Irene Mary Kost Hinds Rivers born 1945. His sister Christina Madoka Winifred Hinds Martini and brother John Van Hinds IV are from father's second marriage to Wako Tawa. His stepbrother James Lee is from his mother's second marriage to James Rivers.

Soon after I was born I lived for about three years in Japan, in a suburb of Tokyo. And back to New Jersey for the remainder of my childhood.  Seeing and hearing KISS at Madison Square Garden in New York at the age of 5 was the first time I thought, "I want to do this!".  Then Metallica at L'Amours in Brooklyn on the Ride The Lightning tour made clear, "I will do this."...If it was music, I was engulfed by it; I took in everything from Philip Glass to Sun Ra to Slayer to Gordon Lightfoot.  Inspired by an older cousin, I began playing guitar at the age of 12 and was soon in metal and punk-ish bands- though even then I was exploring my own path.  By 16 I was clearly in transition with the group DeadAir, wherein I opened our "progressive rock" to the dense harmonies I still prefer.  All the while I had formal music theory training in high school which opened my conceptual abilities. By college, I had immersed myself in solo guitar and worked extensively on my own vocabulary.   After graduation from the University of Maine at Orono I arrived in Athens.

That's where I am today. Lately I've just been performing and composing music full-time; I sometimes work at the University of Georgia's writing assessment lab as a supervisor for public school writing tests, and also as a freelance music writer.    I live in a solar-powered house of my own design with my sweetheart Delene and our border collie/Australian shepard mix dog Kafka, the star of my Cerebus album cover.

My main instrument is the H'arpeggione. The H'arpeggione was developed with and built by the incredible luthier Fred Carlson of Santa Cruz, California.  We discussed for a couple of years what I wanted in such an instrument, and it became clear.  The name is a combination of Hardanger fiddle from Norway (a violin with sympathetic strings) and the bowed guitar of the 18th century called arpeggione. It has 6 played strings, with quartertone frets, tuned in fifths from a contrabass Db to Eb (like a guitar's high string). It has a body smaller than a cello, larger than an acoustic guitar. It has 12 resonating sympathetic strings which run through the neck and emerge over the body and run to a separate buzzing bridge. It has an arched fingerboard and bridge for bowing or plucking. It has a spike for upright playing position. It has a top of redwood for warm, round sound projection (wood of a 600 year old tree cut down over 75 years ago). It's amplified with a cello pickup mounted on the bridge and sent to an amplifier with no processing.

His wife is Delene Watson Porter, born 1979.

Bumstock '95 compilation (1995); SS Puft Quartet: Live at Earthshaking Music (2001), Seems Sometimes People Undergo Full Transformation (2002); AthFest 2002 compilation (2002); Cerebus (2002); Georgian Contemporary Unit: The View You Never Get (2002); Riveter: Like Being Found (2002); Khonsay (2003)

As executive producer:
Klaus Janek: Caspar (2001); Tog: An Unacceptable Color (2001); Julia Powell: Music Swims Back to Me (2001); Dromedary:  Artifact (2001); Kyle Dawkins: Conasauga (2003); Julie Powell: Heart of a Woman (2003)

Unissued recordings:
Unreleased concert tapes with Chris Cutler, Frank Gratkowski, Carl Ludwig Huebsch, Harald Kimmig, Peter Kowald, Blaise Siwula, Ken Vandermark and the forthcoming Solponticello release "Jeff Crouch Quartet- Tribute to Mary Baxter" studio recording featuring Vinny Golia

Works about Hinds or citing him extensively:
"Sol-full music" by Melissa Link in Marquee, 2/20/03.
"Here comes the Sol" by Kevin Forest Moreau in Creative Loafing, 2/19/03.
"Solponticello Showcase at Flicker" by Tom Bavis in Flagpole, 2/19/03.
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"A common bond in music" by Julie Powell in Marquee, 2/28/02.
"Shedding Skin- Erik Hinds Leads a Soul-Baring Trip" by Ballard Lesemann in Flagpole, 12/26/01.
"Solponticello Launch Party" by Matt Thompson in Flagpole, 10/24/01.
"Dave Rempis: Chicago Saxman Slides into Town" by Ballard Lesemann in Flagpole, 3/28/01.
"Transcedence through music" by Julie Powell in Marquee, 3/29/01.
"Musical shine: The Erik HInds Big Band brings some of Athens' best musicians together" by Julie Powell in Marquee, 12/26/01.
-upcoming feature interview by Christian Carey in Copper Press magazine.
Plus reviews in Ink 19,Colossus of Finland, Kathodik of Italy,Splendezine, Indieville, Cadence, Altar, Jazz Weekly, Southeast Performer, All Music Guide, and Stomp and Stammer.

Articles by Hinds:
"Audition with Max Reinhardt" in Flagpole, 2/12/03.
"Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Forsyth, Annette Krebs" in Flagpole, 10/23/02.
"Jeb Bishop Trio" in Flagpole, 10/16/02.
"Jazz Night VII: The Music of New Orleans" in Flagpole, 3/6/02.
"Jazz Notes"  in Flagpole, 1/16/02.
"Eugene Chadbourne" in Flagpole, 10/3/01.
"Vandermark 5: New Influences Added Daily" in Flagpole, 9/26/01.
"Die Like a Dog: The Virtue and Expression of Drake and Broztmann" in Flagpole 4/25/01.
"Evan Parker Blows Brilliant, Improv Jazz Sax" in Flagpole, 4/18/01.
"Masters of Persian Music" in Flagpole, 3/14/01.
"Wadada Leo Smith: The Golden Quartet plays its first ever concert in Athens" in Flagpole, 2/14/01.
"Remember Shakti" in Flagpole, 12/6/00.
Frank Gratkowski" in Flagpole, 11/29/00.
"I Feel Free: The Hubsch/Kimmig Duo" in Flagpole, 10/11/00.
"The Vandermark 5: It's Jazz, Dammit!" in Flagpole, 9/27/00.
"Movement And Music Ensemble Djalma" in Flagpole, 9/20/00.

Contact information:
Erik Hinds:info@solponticello.com,

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