Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hofler, Karoline (Rebekka)

Hofler, Karoline (Rebekka), bass; b. Tubingen, Germany, 10 March 1962. She grew up as the 2nd youngest (6th) of 7 children in a home strongly oriented towards art and music. Both parents, Gabriele Hofler -Bappert (b.1927 in Freiburg/Germany) and Wolfram Hofler (b.1924 in Freiburg/Germany, Prof. for trop. medicine) are enthusiastic hobby-musicians. One sister became a painter (artist), another sister became a goldsmith.

Karoline had acoustic guitar lessons (classical music) from age 8 to 18. At the age of 16 she started to listen jazz music. After attending a concert of Elvin Jones, she was crazy about jazz. After her matriculation, she started to learn double-bass first for one year with Thomas Stabenow, then continued to be self-taught with records of Charlie Haden, Ron Carter, Dave Holland and many others. She also continued taking some lessons with classical teachers. Since 1983 she played with many jazz groups on the street and in bars and regional jazz clubs for practicing.

From 1987 until 1992, Karoline studied at the music conservatory Stuttgart, faculty of jazz with a master's degree under Thomas Stabenow. In 1989 she moved to Stuttgart/Germany. Since 1992 she is working as a professional freelancer, playing in many jazz bands, from solo up to big band, from mainstream up to free improvisation. With many different jazz groups she plays concerts in jazz clubs, festivals like Jazzfestival Burghausen, Jazzfestival Willisau and many others, tours in foreign countries like Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece,Czech, West-Africa, Indonesia and others.

She is performing as a soloist for art exhibitions and radio-dramas. She's played radio and TV-recordings; performed with "Trio modern dance and jazz", "stotters nevertheless" (Claus Stotter - tp), Jochen Feucht Trio, Ull Mock Trio, Timeless Art Orchestra, Walter Lang Quintet; orchestra project with Butch Morris: "Dirigat 107" (1999); film music with Fred Frith for the art-film "Rivers and Tides" (2001); theater music, duo performance with Riccardo Del Fra (bass/Italy/France) (2002); and she performs with the Swiss-France-Angola-German female jazz-group "four roses". She's had several stays in Jakarta/Indonesia for concerts and teaches at the IMD (Institut Musik Daya), the first jazz school in Indonesia with a kind of international curriculum, founded in 2000. She's performed with Hans Koller, Bernd Konrad, Wolfgang Haffner, Irene Schweizer, Norbert Pfammatter, Falk Willis, Patrick Manzecchi, Adrian Mears, Allan Praskin, Gary Barone, Andi Scherrer, Denis Badeault, Indra Lesmana, Dizzy Krisch, Rick Hollander and many others.

From 1992 until 1998, she was the leader of the group Charly Haigl`s Festival Band, which played in clubs and festivals in Germany, Switzerland and France and won the 2nd price at the "concours international des orchestres" in Vienne/France. She was member of Bobby Burgess Big Band Explosion, who played also with guests like Bobby Shew, Don Menza and others (radio, TV, festivals...).

Since 1995 she has been working in the organization of IG Jazz Stuttgart, a musician-society which is organizing concerts (www.igjazz.de). Since 1992, Karoline is a private teacher for double-bass.

Lukas Heidepriem Quartett: Voicings (1990); Jeanette MacLeod: The Voice of Swing (1991); Deviana Daudsjah Trio: For You (1992); Martin Keller Quintett/Oktett (1993); Timeless Art Orchestra: Without Words (1993); Ull MSck: How High The Moon (1994); Karoline Hofler presents: Charly Haigl`s Festival Band (1994); Marc Liebeskind Quartet: Snowmoe (1996); Bobby Burgess Bigband Explosion: Butter's Idea (1996); Gunter Weiss Quartett (1997); Ull Mock Trio: Drilling (1998); Dieter Fischer: Trio Music (2000); Walter Lang Quintett: Tales of two cities (2000); Four Roses: Histoire d`eau (2001); Dizzy Krisch Vibraphon Quartet: A Tribute to Milt Jackson; Ull Mock Trio: Handling (2003)

several rewiews and interviews in newspapers and magazines like
Jazzpodium and others.
own website: http://www.karoline-hoefler.de

1987 2nd prize at the "youth jazzes" contest (duo with the guitar player Dieter Fischer).
1995 she got the "Jazzprize Baden-Wurttemberg".
1996 she won the Talent Promotion Prize together with Ull Mock (Ull Mock Trio) at the International Conference on Lake Constance.

Contact information:
Karoline Hofler
Tel/fax: 0049 - (0)711 - 7657226

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