Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hollar, Jason

Hollar, Jason  (Stockton), bass; b. Harrisburg,  PA, 21 March 1971. He's
been residing in the  Pittsburgh area since  2005.

His debut CD release as a leader is entitled the Jason Hollar Jazz  Quartet (2003) featuring Eric Gunnison, piano (most notably with Carmen  McRae), Mark Raynes, drums, and Andrew Vogt, saxophones and clarinet. He has also appeared on several  recent CD releases by vocalists Donna Bailey - Ballads, Blues, Bossas & Beyond,  Olga Watkins and the Soul Kitchen Band - Live at the Crawford Grill, and Mary  Buirgy - Beautiful  Love. He leads his own band, Cadillac  Jazz.  He is also currently a member of the Donna Bailey Trio, Olga Watkins  and the Soul Kitchen Band, the Billy Price Band, the Rick Struzzi Trio, and the  Faculty Jazz Band at Seton  Hill  University in  Greensburg,  PA.  He plays and organizes over 150 gigs a year throughout  Colorado and  Pennsylvania. 

Contact information:  
Jason S. Hollar
Cadillac Jazz, Inc. 
183 Penn Adamsburg  Road
Jeannette,  PA  15644

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