Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hooks, Steve (Stephen George)

Hooks, Steve (Stephen George), saxophones, flute some piano and keyboards; b. Ottuma, Iowa, 25 March 1946. His parents are Max Edwin Hooks (b.1921-d.1996) and Betty June Hooks (Leatherby) (b.1921). He lived in many small towns in Iowa until 1959 when his family moved to Tomah, Wisconsin. In 1963, they moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

After two years in the army band (1966-1968), he moved to Los Angeles in 1970. After 2 years in L.A., he spent 2 years traveling throughout the southern states (Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma) and ended up back in L.A. in 1975 by way of Monterey, CA. In 1995, moved to Munich, Germany where he currently resides. He was music director for "The Weather Girls" with whom he toured with in Germany from 1995 to 1999. He has been with Charly Antolini touring in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy for 2 1/2 years.

At age 5, he started piano lessons. At age 9, he started clarinet lessons and played in the school band thereafter. Switched to saxophone in 1962 and played baritone sax in the school big band. Won many awards at the Wisconsin State Music Competition. In 1964, was chosen for the All-West Tennessee Band and the Tennessee State Chorus. After graduation (1964), he went to Memphis State University with a music scholarship but soon dropped out to play professionally full time. From 1964 to 1966,he performed and recorded in the Memphis area during the glory days of the Memphis soul music scene. In 1969, started developing the technique of playing the alto and tenor saxes simultaneously, and has become well known in Germany for this.

He has 4 brothers (Ernest, Dan, Allan & Andrew) and 1 sister (Alice). He has 1 daughter (Darla Sue) and 1 son (Sean Paul). He has 2 ex-wives (Barbara Ellen & Anita Sue).

Some of the jazz people he has played with along the way in America include Al Aarons, Slyde Hyde, Jimmy Smith, Paul Humphreys, Ray Drummond, "Buddy" Jones, Billy Childs, Ernie Andrews, Johnny Hammond Smith, Moses Armstrong (nephew of Louis), Gary Willis, The Platters, The Drifters, The Ink Spots, Gabor Szabo, Raoul De Souza, John Patitucci, Rita Graham, and others. Some of the jazz people he has played with in Europe include Charly Antolini, Alador Pege, Tony Lakatos, Max Greger Jr., Krzysztof Scieranski, David Gazarov, and others.

Brooklyn Dreams (1978); Ian Matthews: Hit and Run (1975); Charly Antolini: Loose And Easy (2002); Glucklich 1V: Wai Chi (2001); Hosanna USA (1983); Too Cold: 66 Minutes Of Joy (2002); and many other small productions.

Television soundtracks:
"Santa Barbara"-NBC, "Day By Day"-NBC, "HBO On Location"-HBO, "Life Styles Of The Rich And Famous"-(IND), "Runaway With The Rich And Famous"-(IND), "Family Ties".(NBC), "The Seinfeld Show"-(NBC), "Ja Oder Nein"-(ARD Germany), "Rehmsen Die Kontakt Show"-(ARD Germany), "Rita's Wunder Bar"-(TV MYnchen Germany).

Stage and film:
1973 to 1974-Staff writer for Broadway Music in Muscle Shoals Alabama; 1980 to1981-Staff writer for Warner Brothers Music, Hollywood, California; 1981 to 1982-Staff writer for Hitzgalore Music, Van Nuys California.

Contact information:
Steve Hooks, Gabelsberger Str. 48B,
D-80333 Munich, Germany.
PH: ++49 89 52302864,
FAX ++49 89 52302868.
web sites: www.stevehooks.com & www.toocold.de.
e-mail address:stevehooksmusik@aol.com

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