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Hoppe, Georgia (Charlotte)

Hoppe, Georgia (Charlotte), reedplayer, composer, improvisor; b. Ludwigsburg,
Germany, 5 August 5, 1957. She currently lives in Hamburg but was raised in Stuttgart and Hannover. Her parents are Ursula Hoppe (b. 1924) and Edgar G. Knop (1928-2001).

She started with recorder at the age of seven and led since then the family recorder trios and choir on every Christmas. Picked up the classical and folk guitar being thirteen years old and three years later the violin for seven years against her mother's strong protest, enjoying playing this instrument in student symphony and chamber orchestras. Discovered as young woman of 21 years the saxophone and later the clarinet, apart from several private lessons mostly self-taught. Studied musicology, philosophy and history at Universtities of Gottingen und Hamburg, earned her M.A. in musicology 1984 and PhD in 1990 about the subject of modern techniques for woodwinds. Studied with Dieter Glawischnig jazz theory (1991-1993). Worked at the University of Oldenburg (1991 - 1993) and taught 1996-2002 at University of Hamburg. Since 1993 a free lance musician, teaching clarinet, saxophone and leading workshop-bands. Mainly musically educated by private lessons and autodidactly, Hoppe got the most important training in workshops of John Tchicai, Vinko Globokar, Keith Rowe and others.

She got schorlarships for the Ferienkurse Fur Neue Musik Darmstadt (1982, 2000) and from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, was finalist in the competition "Music Creativ" 1993 (Frankfurt a.M.) with her composition "Machine Minimale" for the TonArt-Ensemble and won in 1999 an award of the Kulturbehorde Hamburg.

At the time being playing mainly clarinet G.Ch. Hoppe is a multi instrumentalist. Apart from different reed instruments (sso, ss, as, ts, bcl) she plays experimental, prepared electric guitar and all sorts of tubes you can combine with a mouth piece (Tentacle Tubes with Heiner Metzger and Hannes Wienert). She plays in a variety of improvising ensembles and is an experienced theatre musician working together with directors as Johannes Kresnik, Axel Manthey, Gabriele Jacoby, Jan Pusch et al. With the actor Michael Altmann she performs programs about Arno Schmidt and Samuel Beckett. Georgia Ch. Hoppe is a permanent member of the TonArt-Ensemble, Tuten & Blasen, Mischpoke.

Anthony Braxton: 2 Compositions (Ensemble) 1989/1991; Kurz und Schmerzlos (soundtrack) 1998); Evan Parker/TonArtEnsemble: brot und honig (2000); Various Artists: Jazz made in Hamburg, Szene-sampler '99, No.4 Mondflecken (duo with
Harry Nitz), No. 13 

Unissued recordings (selected):
G.Ch.Hoppe as leader/composer: Kostproben, Text & Musik 2000-2001, Der Eisenofen, an emotional trash concert, Performance, TonArt-Quintett Theater N.N. 2000, Miscellanus, Compositions from 1998-2002, Tidal Subharmonics, eine musikalisch-grafische Suite, TonArt-Sextett, Performance Theater Monsun 2002

Die Instrumentale Revolution. Geschichte, Anwendung und asthetik neuer
Spieltechniken fur Rohrblattinstrumente. Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.Main 1991
Hamburg real book. Hamburg 1994, Selbstverlag (www.jazzhamburg.de)

Works citing Hoppe:
"Hear and Now", by Peter Niklas Wilson, Wolke Verlag Hofheim 1999

Contact information:
Osterstr. 31
20259 Hamburg
040/400 564

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