Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Horstmann, Thomas

Horstmann, Thomas, guitarist, composer, educator; b. Muenster, Germany, 19 September 1951. His parents are Friedrich Horstmann and Ruth Horstmann (maiden name Seufert). His brother is Borries Horstmann. His father was a journalist, his mother a housewife who studied piano before world war No.2 But did not pick it up after the war. His older brother is a salesman in the computer business.

Musical education started in elementary school with the recorder. At age 14 he got a guitar and started to learn it by himself. In 1970, at the age of 19, decided to become a musician (after playing in local Rock Bands for over three years) and started to study music in Muenster at the "Conservatory of music." In 1972 he moved to Stuttgart/Germany to continue his studies with classical guitarist Ekard Lind at the "Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst." Here he became a member of a nine piece Free Jazz Group the "Frederic Rabold Crew." With this band he made his first records.

In 1977, he founded the group "Choice" with singer Lauren Newton, drummer Joachim Fuchs-Charrier and bassist Paul Mueller. He toured with them for two years with radio productions in middle Europe being made. In 1979 he came to the USA for the first time with a Big Band playing dance music in Los Angeles for a month. After that, he traveled to Oregon where he met with guitarist Garry Hagberg. In 1980, he moved to Oregon and taught at the "Lane community College" in Eugene for a year. Back in Germany in 1981 he founded the "New Jazz Corporation with the tschech drummer Josef Vejvoda and german Bass Player Wolfgang Lauer. Again Tours and radio productions followed for about three years. After Wolfgang Lauer committed sucide, he paused for a while. In 1984 he started playing in a duo setting with his best student, Martin Wiedmann. The duo was called "Zweitett" In 1986 they recorded their first Album.

In 1985 he was a member of the "Lauren Newton/Steve Lockwood Quintet" with whom he toured with for two years. This group was followed by the "Lauren Newton Trio" with Lauren Newton, vocalist, and pianist Uli Buhl. In 1987 pianist Uli Buhl was replaced by pianist Uli Scherer. During this time he also wrote a commissioned work for Mandolin Orchestra and performed with Dancer Catrine Chappel, from New Zeeland. The Choreogrphie "Aethora" had it's premier in 1990 at the "Tubingen Dance Festival." Out of this work he developed his solo performance "Music for a sad Dancer." This performance has been rewarded with the "Amadeus in Bronce" in 1991 at the Contest: "Musik Kreativ."

In 1992 he became the musical director for "Freddy Wilkes Tiny Mess." He also wrote music for the "Dancetheater Freiburg." In 1993 he started playing duo with Lauren Newton. Also, he performed concerts with singer Maria Joao and pianist Mario Laginha from Portugal. In 1994, this duo was joined by percussionist Dirk Rothbrust. In 1995, the still existing guitar duo "Zweitett" became a trio with drummer Matthias Daneck. The group toured and recorded as Horstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck. Also, he did teaching, both private and at workshops. In 2000 he founded the "Atlantic Jazz Trio" with guitarist Garry Hagberg and bass player Peter Schonfeld. They performed concerts in Europe and the USA.

Presently, Horstmann plays with The Atlantic Jazz Trio, Horstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck and Rondout (a trio with vocalist and sax). Also, as a drummer, he plays with "Walzing Matilda". He teaches privately and lives wth his spouse Gudrun and son Vincent in Tuebingen, Germany.

Horstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck: Deace (1995), Billy the Kid (2001); Le chant du Soleil (2000); with Markus Zaja: Somewhere (2000);
As sideperson:
Frederic Rabold Crew: Package of voices (1976), Balance (1977); Zweitett: It's all inside (1986); Lauren Newton Trio: 2nd Room 2nd Conversation (1985), Voiceprint (1987); Lauren Newton/Thomas Horstmann: Art Is... (1994); TRIO L.T.D.+ Bertl Mutter (1996); The Atlantic Jazz Trio: First Meeting (2001), Some Other Time (2002)

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