Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hubback, Steve

Hubback, Steve, percussionist, sculptor, firesmith, cymbals and gongs maker.

I got seriously involved with music in 1978 at the Barry Jazz summerschools, which I also attended in 1979, 1980 and 1982. They were organized by Tony Oxley. He learned by just being around Britain's best jazz musicians including Roy Babbington, Keith Tippet, Evan Parker, Phil Waschmann, Trevor Thomkins, Henry Lowther, Alan Holdsworth, Gordon Beck, Kenny Baldock, Keith Waite, Alan Skidmore and also Peter Brotzmann from Deutschland, Fred Van Hove from Belgium and Radu Malfatti from Austria). I started a jazz club in my hometown in 1979, which I found out later, was one of the most open minded jazz clubs in Wales.

I became a professional drummer in 1981 in the UK, soon after I left for France. I started developing mini drumkits. 16" or 14" bass drum, 10" snare or 14" sonor orchestral piccolo snare, 8" and 10" toms. 10" UFIP prototype hihats, 10" UFIP splash, 12 " UFIP splash, large UFIP Icebell and a 18" UFIP Tiger ride or a 18" UFIP flat ride. I was playing with this setup in 1982, long before the Jungle kits of today. By the late 80's I was incorporating a lot of found and adapted metals into my kit and in 1990 I started to learn gong and cymbalmaking. This led to learning blacksmithing and welding. The master Norwegian blacksmith and swordmaker 'Arne Granbjerg' gave me some invaluable guidance. I have invented many new percussion instruments and created many unique gong and cymbal sculptures.

I'm now working very much with forged stainless steel sculptures and creating percussion sculptures. I'm playing solo concerts using very different playing techniques, some I adapted from Asian drumming. I only play on instruments that I make myself and I play them with woodchime sticks, hand held cymbals, multi sticking and even wearing some of my instruments.

I'm happy to reunite with the master cellist Tony Moore for future recordings and concerts. Jord Bifast will be appearing at festivals and the occassional Icelandic TV and Radio broadcast and my duo collaboration with Frode Gjerstad continues with recordings and concerts.
His own groups have been It's My Head and Metal Moves. He's played with David Moss, Andrea Centazzo, Hugh Metcalf, and Assif Tsahar.

Be Alright When I'm Dead (1986); Atlantis Transit: Tabor (1988); It's My Head: Joy Of Life (1989), Nocturnal Activities (1990); The Quest (1994); Tony Moore and Steve Hubback: Forge (1995); It's My Head: It's My Head (1997); Metal Moves: Runecarver (2000); Frode Gjerstad and Steve Hubback: Demystify (2000); Steve Hubback and Ad Peijnenburg: And Other Stuff (2001); Sound Sculpture Vol 1' (2001); 'Percussion Profiles' Book and CD by Michael Bettine and Trevor Taylor (2001); Recreator: Solar Sahara (2001); Best Kept Secret (2002); Metal Moves: Illuminator (2002); Dirck Wachtelaer, Steve Hubback and Trevor Taylor: Kortrijk Percussion Project (2002); Frode Gjerstad and Steve Hubback Records: Metals and Wood (2002); Jord Bifast: And The earth Moved (2002)

Radio and television broadcasts:
Studio broadcast with Atlantis Transit. National Danish Broadcasting. DR. (1988); BBC Radio 3 'Impressions'. Studio broadcast with cellist Tony Moore (1995); Denmark's Radio 3. Interview with the Hydronorts (1995); National South Korean news with Lim Dong Chang (1996); Concertzender. NL. Metal Moves, Recreator (2001); Studio broadcast with Jord Bifast. National Icelandic TV (2002); VPRO. Live broadcast with Metal Moves (2002); Interviews on National and local Serbian TV (2002)

Soundtrack for documentary film 'Van' by Jan Haugaard (1994); Soundtrack for the animation film 'Gracias A la Vida' by Marret Jansen (1999)

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