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Hubner, Abbi (Albert Charles Otto)

Hubner, Abbi (Albert Charles Otto), trumpet, vocalist, author; b. Hamburg, Germany, 2 February 1933. His father was Walter Hubner, b. 1901, died Nov.4, 1944, and his mother was Mathilde H., born Stern in 1903, died April, 21.1999. Hubner grew up in Hamburg. The family lost their lodging and all things they owned in world war 2 in July 1943 by the bombs of the Royal Airforce, an attack, which was called "Gomorrha."

After a year in Luebeck, the family returned to Hamburg and from 1944 lived in a suburb called Rahlstedt, where Hubner went till 1952 to the local high school and passed the final examination, in Germany called Abitur. Nov. 1944, his father died and Hubner and his mother lived and survived under poorest conditions. Hubner studied from 1952 to 1964 German, History, sports and medicine, did his final examination in sports in 1957 and in medicine in 1964. While studying, he had to work very hard in different professions, to get the money to keep on studying and make a living. From truck driver to dishwasher and laborer he accepted any work offered. He is also a physician; approbation in 1966, promotion in 1978, specialist as a physician and in labor medicine. It is a branch of medicine which deals with influence of work on human beings, to protect people from getting ill through work.

In 1970 Hubner joined a medicinal team, which took care of the Hamburgian Policemen and the Firebrigade. In 1980 he became as a leading Director chief of the team, which included a personal of about 80, among them 18 doctors of medicine. Hubner retired in 1996, 63 years old.

Inspired by listening to the programs of AFN and BFN (American resp. British  Force Network in Europa) in the post war times, Hubner wanted to become a  jazz musician and his choice of instrument was clear from the start: the trumpet. His first idols were Bunk Johnson and Louis Armstrong, later King Oliver and  Tommy
 Ladnier. He got a second hand trumpet at Christmas Eve 1951, took lessons from  the vikar of St. Petri Church, but mostly an autodidact. He formed his first jazz band in 1954, the "Low Down Wizards" with which he played until summer 1955. One tear he played with the "Original Barrelhouse Orchestra", and in 1956 he became the leader of the afterwards very well known "Jailhouse Jazzmen" until 1964.

From 1964 up to now he is the leader of the "Abbi Hubner's Low Down Wizards", a band, with which he took part in many international jazz festivals  from Nizza to Ascona, from Vienna to Bratislava, from Hamburg to Amsterdam and Enkhuizen. The Band played on Jazzcursades in the Mediterranean Sea in 1987  and 88 and 2000.

Abbi Huebner recorded in 1959 with the Jailhouse Jazzmen for Storyville  Records, Kopenhagen and with the Abbi Hubner's Low Down Wizards for Jazzcrusade in 1965, for Wam in 1965 and for Teldec during the seventies and The International Music Company ever since.

Hubner played together with many of the jazz greats, with George Lewis, Kid Ory, Albert Nicholas, Ikey Robinson, Gene Conners, Emmanuel Sayles, Alton Purnell, Joe Sullivan, Art Hodes, Champion Jack Dupree and Lillian Boutte. He has recorded in many formations with the clarinet player Reimer von Essen from the Barrelhouse Jazzband, Frankfurt/Main.

He married for the second time in 1974 and has three children (Susanne, b.1961, Tobias, b.1965 and Ulrike, b. 1975) Tobias, as a bass player, joined the band of his father very often and even recorded with his fasters band in 1993). Furthermore Hubner has 2 granddaughters, (Sarah, b.1986, Denise, b.1992) and a grandson,
(Dolph, b.1992).

Oldtime Festival (1975); Swing that Music (1994); Go down to New Orleans:  Music and History of a Hamburgian Band 1964 - 2000 (2001); Dr.Abbis Jazz (2002);  70 Years Abbi Hubner, A Birthday Special (2003)

As sideperson:
The Hamburg Oldtime All Stars (1974/1975);Art Hodes: The Music of Lovie Austin (1988); King Oliver Heritage Band: King Oliver Heritage Band (1995); Jurgen Stephan: Sidney's Blues; Trevor Richards Trio; Original Storyville Jazzband

Television, radio and films:
Abbi Hubner took part in numerous TV Shows for NDR, WDR, ARD etc. and in  numerous broadcasts.
The Abbi Hubner's Low Down Wizards took part in the film "Der kleine Staatsanwalt" 1986, dir. Hark Bohm.

Works by Hubner:
"Louis Armstrong, his life, his Music, his recordings"  published in 1994 bei Oreos Verlag, Germany, Schaftlach/Waakirchen, ISBN Nr. 3 - 923657 - 35 - 8
"The Cradle of Jazz" published bei "Swinging Hamburg Journal" 2002 - continued Hamburg Germany,
Many Chapters in this Book: "And our Hearts in New Orleans" bei Klaus Neumeister  The history of Hamburgs Hot Jazz from 1950 - 2000 Koller Verlag, Schacht Audorf, 1998, ISBN Nr. 3 - 928143 -37-9

Poems by Albert Abbi Hubner:
In periodicals:
Jazzpodium, Stuttgart, 1986
Spiel und Feier Weinheim 1991
Arztliche Praxis, Nr. 81, Munchen. 1992

In Anthologies:
Spuren auf meiner Seele,
Verlag Heike Wenig, Dorsten, 1994, ISBN Nr. 3 - 9803228 - 4 - x
Almanach deutschsprachiger Schriftstellerarzte, 1996 und 1997
Jurgen Schwalm, Publisher.ISBN NR. 3 - 922046 - 84 - 3 und 3 - 922046 - 87 - 8
Jahrbuch Lyrik 2000,
Verlag Heike Wenig, Dorsten, 2000, ISBN Nr. 3 - 392801 - 12 - 1
Author of Jazz Broadcasting Series since 1984 till today freelancer making broadcasting on jazz with hundreds of radio broadcasting - the most popular series were: Trumpeters in the Shadow of a Giant, Hot Jazz and Jazz Classics

Articles, etc. about Hubner:
"Abbi Hubner Diccographie" by Gerard Bielderman and Ervin Elvers Eurojazz Discos Nr. 16. Zwolle, 1988
"Solo for Abbi" a poem in the book "Landvermessung" by Wolfgang Rischer, Davids Drucke, Gottingen, 1988

Articless in Papers:
"Kollegen, die von sich reden machten: Dr. med. Albert "Abbi" Hubner gilt als Grossvater der Hamburger Jazzszene" by Werner Loosen Arztliche Praxis 44, Jahrgang Nr. 81, 1992
"Arzt und Bandleader, Hamburgs Jazzgrossvater, Dr. Albert "Abbi" Hubner" by Horst Kreussler
Deutsche Arztezeitung, Nr. 26, 1995
"Dr. Albert "Abbi" Hubner, der Arzt mit der goldenen Trompete" ein Mediziner Portrait Deutsche Arztezeitung nr 20, 1984

Numerous articles about the musical activities of Hubner, including his recordings, in which he was called "Hamburg's Dr. Jazz":
"Hamburgs Jazz Legende", "Hamburgs King of Jazz", "Motor and Haupttriebkraft der Jazzstadt Hamburg" (Motor and main power of Jazztown Hamburg), "Ein Vorbild fur eine ganze Generation" (Idol of a whole Generation) and so on.

For the 4 CD Box "Go down to New Orleans" the Band got the "Swinging Hamburg
Award Traditional2002"
The Band won the Competition at Viersen, 1. Niederrheinfestival 1969 and got the first prize. Abbi Hubner won a Poll from the Hamburgian Newspaper "Abendblatt" as the best Trumpeter of Hamburg 1974.
His book about Louis Armstrong was chosen as the book of the Year by Werner Burckhardt in the Paper "Hamburger Abendblatt" and by Michael Naura in "Die Zeit" in 1994

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