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Hubsch, Carl Ludwig

Hubsch, Carl Ludwig, tuba, composition, percussion; b. Freiburg/South Germany, 19 February 1966. He's the son of Peter Hubsch, a dentist and Hella Hubsch, born Palmgren. He is the youngest of two boys and five girls.

Carl began basic training in music at the age of five. He played clarinet in the local traditional band and at the same time started to play drums in Punk and Rockbands. Around 1983 he exchanged the clarinet for a tuba. Lessons with W. Erhart from the town orchestra followed. He experimented with and played nearly all kinds of music. The discovery of Jazz and Improvisation led to studies in Improvisation with M.A. Fennell.

Hubsch received certification at the Pedagogic College in Freiburg in singing, harmonic theories, and drums. He also studied electronic music there. Since 1990 Carl has lived in Cologne where he also attended composition classes as guest student with J. Fritsch at the university and tuba lessons with Hans Gelhar.

C.L. Hubsch composes and performs in concert halls, studios and theatres lending his talents to ensembles and orchestras. He`s well known for his unique solo concerts. He now concentrates on Improvised Music and Composition. He also leads Workshops for tuba and improvisation.

Since 1989, he performed with renowned musicians as Thomasz Stanko, Lester Bowie, Jasper van't Hof, Frank Gratkowski, Ernst Reijseger, Jack Wright, Paul Lovens, H.L. Lindenmaier, Soltan Lantos, Uwe Oberg, Jorn Schipper, Roger Hanschel, Sebastian Gramss, Jurgen Scholz, Chris Weinheimer, Ole Schmidt, Frank Koellges, Tom Rainey, Claudio Puntin, Ute VSlker, Andreas Nordheim, Jan Klare, The Palinckx, Tony Buck, Han Buhrs, Wilbert de Jode, Ursel Schlicht,Eric Boeren, Michael Moore, Ab Bars, Mitch Heinrich, Sue Schlotte, Georg Wissel, Paul Hubweber, Joachim Zoepf, Martin Theurer, Gunter Hampel, Le Quan Ninh, Georg Wolf, Martin Speicher, Robin Hayward, Pinguin Moschner, Larry Fishkind, Melvyn Poore, Bettina Wauschke, Maggie Nichols, Han Bennink, Mischa Mengelberg, Rudi Mahall, Achim Kromer, Udo Moll, Felix Petry, Nicolao Valiensi, Norbert Scholly, Ramesh Shotham, Sandhya Sanjana, Hayden Chisholm, Perry Robinson, Klaus Kugel, Nils Wogram, Christian ThomZ, Peter Fulda, Christina Messner, Denman Maroney, Stephen Morley, Amy X Neuberg, Jeffrey Lependorf, Scott Fields, Hannes Zerbe, Dirk Bell, Ivano Torre, Markus Eichenberger,Thomas Lehn, Marc Stutz-Bocouya, Tim O'Dwyer, Jeffrey Morgan, Anatoly Vapirov, Dirk Raulf, Andreas Wagner, Ole Hoffmann, P.N. Wilson, Gregor Hotz, Martin Klapper, Brigit Ulherr, Christoph Irmer,Ralf Werner, Gunda Gottschalk, Helmut Bieler-Wendt, Marc Feldman, Anna Homler, Christina Fuchs, John Gates, Marianne Schuppe, Carlos Baumann, Seungyon-Seny Lee,Tadios Tesfu, Heinz Geisser, John Kennedy, Raul Rothblatt, Hazel Leach, Rong Chun Zhao, Constance Cooper, Rez Abbasi, Mike Bullock, Dave Gross, Matt Weston, Blais Siwula, Brady Sharp, Jason McGill, Albert Markos, Rainer Winterschladen, Gert-Jan Prins, Immanuel Karumazondo, Jabulani Moyo, Paul Lytton and many others.

He was part of many projects or toured as part of Humanoise Congress Wiesbaden (1994) Oktoberorchestra Amsterdam 1994 (w/ICP + guests), Real Time Music Meeting Hamburg (1999), Hannes Zerbe/Willem Breuker Blech Band 1995, Arthur Blythe Quartett 1992, Lester Bowie`s Brass Fantasy (1995/96), Matthias Schubert Sextett 1997, Jazzfest Berlin 1997, studies with Ramamani (Karnataka College of Percussion) in
India (also concerts there) 1999, concerts with Ramesh Shotham's Madras Special in India 1999, and the chamber opera "Idyllen" (for two basses, string quartett and tuba) by Thomas Beimel .

In  2000, he performed concerts and studies in Namibia. He also went on a duo tour in the USA /w Harald Kimmig, violin. He had a project together with his brother Ben Hubsch (visual artist) for Hidden Museum Austria, "Berge versetzen" (to move mountains).

Since 1999, Hubsch works with his own Trio, Hubsch's Longrun Development of the Universe featuring M.Schubert, ts and W.Wierbos, tb. In 2002, he performed with the M.Schubert Quartett and received an OMI-Arts Fellowship USA. He also toured with his First 10-23(ten to the minus 23rd power) Seconds of Universe w/ Axel Dorner, tpt, Alessandro Bosetti, ssax, Michael Griener, dr.

Hubsch`s work is documented in numerous radio and CD-produktions. He composed music for many theatre plays in Germany and abroad: Schauspiel Bonn: John von Dyffel's "Rinderwahnsinn" (1999); Balkonszenen" (2000); "Othello-Therapie" (2001); Reza: "3 versions of live" (2001); H. Mankell: Antilopen all directed by B.Foh
Landestheater Linz  (2002); "Der Kaufmann von Venedig" (2001) ,Regie: Dominik von
Hubsch also played in theatric improvisations as   1996's "Blauzone" (director: Beat Foh), 2000's TheaterHora/Zurich + Blauzone: "Die Lust am Scheitern" ("The pleasure to fail").

Vertrauensbildende Massnahmen: B-tales (1993); Stadtgarten Series Vol 7 (1993); Lines in Space: Spacelab (1994); Planet Blow: Alien Lunatic (1995); PostNoBills: defense d`afficher (1995); Hubsch: Der erste Bericht,Tubasolo (1997); Planet Blow: Chill (1997); Zoepf/Theurer/Hubsch: Konferenz Der Koche (1999); European Tuba Quartett: Low and Behold (2001); C-Schulz & Hajsch (2001); HubschsLongrunDevelopmentOfTheUniverse: Hubsch/Schubert/Wierbos (2001); Carl Ludwig Hubsch: 119 Arten zu beginnen, TubaSolo (2002); Hubsch, Van Bebber, Blonk (to be released soon); European Tuba Quartett (to be released soon).

Contact information:
Carl Ludwig Hubsch
50825 KSln        
Tel :  ++49 221 529 471   Fax (10.00 und 12.00 Uhr MEZ)
Email: tuba@clhuebsch.de
home: http://www.clhuebsch.de

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