Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Hulme, H.H. (Homer H.)

Hulme, H.H. (Homer H.), guitar; b. Chickasha, OK, 10 February 1958.

He started learning about the guitar at about 12 years of age. He lived all my life in Central Oklahoma. He was mentored by Buzz Evans for one, a freelance Jazz player found out in Las Vegas these days. He taught Hulme about Hank Garland and Lionel Hampton. Their album "Jazz Winds From Another Direction," was one of the biggest influences he ever had. Gary Burton on vibraphone was another, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, also had big impact on his learning curve.

Thumbs Carlisle had another big impact on his life. Thumbs lived in his home town while Buzz Evans was there. Thumbs played the guitar laying in his lap, pressing down the strings like playing a piano. He tuned his guitar in fourths, like a piano, that made approaching his material with guitar tunings impossible.
He went through the usual guitar phases, rock, blues, classical, then jazz. These days, he plays and records jazz.


Contact information:
Homer H Hulme
RT-1 Box 11-A
Ninnekah, Okla. 73067
Phone 405-222-1245
Website addressWWW.CDBaby.com/Hulme

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