Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Izdebski, Andrzej

Izdebski, Andrzej, fretless guitar, baritone fretless guitar, composer, producer; b. Warsaw, Poland, 15 May 1975. His mother is Bozenna (b. 1946), his father is Jan (b. 1944), and his sister is Justyna (b. 1969). He started playing guitar at the age of 15, at first hard-core and thrash metal music. He never took regular music lessons; studied theory and harmony on his own, then studied in Musicology Institute at Warsaw University where specialized in ethnomusicology (prof. Anna Czekanowska, dr. Piotr Dahlig) and contemporary music (prof. Zbigniew Skowron). Influenced by experiments with microtonality and sonoristic possibilities of guitar, he designed two instruments, fretless and baritone fretless guitars, which became his main instruments.

Since 1999, he's been mainly concerned with Boys Band Trio (avant jazz) and Sonus Akrobata (free improvised music). Important collaborations have been with Noel Akchote Iliana Alvarado, Peter Kowald, Sergey Letov, Vladislav Makarov, Jerzy Mazzoll, Zdzislaw Piernik, Terry Riley, Michal Gos, Zbigniew Szmatloch, Sergey Starostin, Tadeusz Sudnik, Kazik Staszewski. He's had countless concerts in Poland and all over Europe, a.o. festivals Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Gdynia Summer Jazz  Days, Malta, Alternativa, SKIF.

Besides activity as a performing musician Andrzej Izdebski works as producer and publisher and runs Kariatyda Records.

Diffusion Ensemble: Azure Access (1998); Boys Band Trio: Curvatura Grande (1999);Izdebski/Rogulski: Brass 7 (2000); El Dupa: A pudle (2000); SPEC: Pyk (2002); Terry Riley and Repetition Orchestra: In C (2002); Kazik Staszewski: Songs of Tom Waits (2003); Disco-Disco vol. II (sampler-track with Tadeusz Sudnik, 2003); Sonus Akrobata: Mandragora (2003)

As producer:
Gorczynski Piernik: Energa one (2002)

Contact information:
E-mail: iziphonics@poczta.onet.pl
phone: (+48) 602 150 997

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