Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Jackson, Daniel (Lee)

Jackson, Daniel (Lee), saxophonist, writer, producer; b. Oxford, GA, 18 May 1951. His father, Charlie Wesley Jackson, a blues singer & guitarist was born 1919 in Covington, Ga. His maternal grandfather, Frank Evans,was also a blues singer & guitarist. His mother, Jesse Jackson, loved music and was very supportive of  Daniel who was the youngest son. Daniel has 7 siblings.

At 9 yrs old Daniel started saxophone lessons at the R.L.Cousins school and continued until graduation under the direction of T. K.  Adams the band director & father of Tim Adams a timpanist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Daniel started playing local gigs while still in high school. In 1970 he moved to Washington DC & attended Washington Technical Institute studying media technology. He played with Donald Byrd and had the pleasure of meeting Duke Ellington and Don Byas. In 1973 he toured the country with the Tigg Family. They performed on the Mike Douglas Show hosted by Sammy Davis, Jr. In 1975 the Wrecking Crew Band was formed and they toured the Southeast playing college campuses and nightclubs for the next 14 yrs. He then began his solo career playing in the Southeast, primarily the Atlanta area which he calls home. On Sept 24,1994 he received a Salute from the Georgia Music Festival for superlative performance on behalf of the state wide effort to promote the Georgia Music Industry, signed by Governor Zell Miller. During the Gulf War he played 24 hours, non-stop for Peace at the Free for All church in Decatur, Ga. This is believed to be a world record. In 2001 he released his first CD, Hot Sands, which was written, arranged and produced by Daniel Jackson at the Tree Sound studio in Norcross, Ga. He has been interviewed by local newspaper reporters, radio stations, local cable TV shows & his performance has been seen on public television.

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