Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Jacobs, Fred(erick Jeffrey)

Jacobs, Fred(erick Jeffrey), trumpet, composer; b. Manhattan, NY, 29 December 1949.
His father is Martin Jacobs (b. 1921), his mother Rhoda was born in 1926, and he has three younger sisters, Valerie, Lenore, and Jill.

He grew up in Rockland County, NY, and played in the all-state high school band.  When starting out in grade school, he had asthma and was advised not to take up the trumpet.  But with a strong desire and inspired by his parents big band records, he found playing the trumpet to be therapeutic, not unlike yoga deep breathing. While a student at MIT, Jacobs got involved in music as much as math and sciences. As Herb Pomeroy, director of the MIT Jazz Big Band, remembers, "Fred's energy and drive was responsible for getting our band to [the] Montreux [Jazz Festival] that year he was band manager. And he played excellent trumpet all four years. His heart was into both aspects of the music." Jacobs studied classical technique with Ray Crisara, Bill Summers and Carmine Caruso, improvisation with Freddie Hubbard and Eddie Daniels. In the 1970s & 80s, he played with Sam Jones/Tom Harrell, and Jimmy McGriff and others. He also honed his arranging skills, and contributed charts to the books of Hampton and the Jones/Harrell band. Jacobs has toured with Lionel Hampton, Eddie Palmieri and Buddy Rich. He also worked on a project, titled Journey Through Night (1999 demo), involving dream travel. Fred's band has appeared at jazz venues including Birdland, Sweet Basil, Visiones, Trumpets, et al.

Time Change (1992)

Contact information:
Fred Jacobs
56 Edelweiss Drive
Woodridge, NY 12789
Tel/Fax: (845) 434-6912
email: fredejazz@aol.com
http://jazzcorner.com, or  http://www.freddiejacobs.com


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