Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Janek, Klaus

Janek, Klaus, doublebassist, composer; b. Bolzano, Italy, 26 November 1969. His parents are Terry and Reinhold Janek and his siblings are, Anna (sister) and Alex (brother). He has been married since 1998 to the dancer and choreographer Britta Pudelko. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He studied soprano and alto flute, then later went on to play trumpet, classical percussion and drums. He was involved in experimental jazz and improvised music concerts. Since 1988 he has focused on mastering doublebass. He studied with Jaribou Shahib (Jazz) and Mauro Muraro, Venice, Italy (classical technique by Ludwig Streicher), and taken part in workshops with Dave Holland, Butch Morris and Peter Kowald. Involved in improvisation, new chamber music (as composer and executor), NuJazz (composer, producer and executor).
Since 1990, he has toured Europe and USA regularly playing concerts and composing and playing theater and dance-theatre performances. Solo concerts (Casper) since 1994. He was involved with the organization and art direction of the events Almenrauschen for Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin with DeeQ featuring Toshinori Kondo (Sept.2000) and Gary Lucas (March 2001). He has collaborated with musicians such us Toshinori Kondo, Willi Kellers, Christoph Irmer, Johannes Bauer, Davey Williams, Agusti Fernandez, LaDonna Smith, Marco Cristofolini, Conny Bauer, Paul Brody, Borah Bergmann, Joe and Mat Maneri, Torsten Sense, Florian Brambock, Gunther Pitscheider, Martin Blume, Thomas Borgmann, Gary Lucas, Paul Schwingenschlogel, Heiner Reinhard, and others. He has collaborated with ensembles Ort Ensemble, Wuppertal conducted by Peter Kowald and Laurence Butch Morris, Vision Festival Ensemble, New York conducted by Bill Dixon, and Sexy Ambient Hippies (17 Hippies) Berlin. He has collaborated with Pathfinder Tanzcompany, Berlin, Circo da Cultura, Kassel, Thierry Thieu Niang Company, Marseille, France, Les Popellicanes, Merano, Italy and others.

2002-2003 composition of the suite Lettera Amorosa for doublebass solo, based on the dance theatre piece APUD by Thierry Niang Comapany, Marseille, France
2002 Conception and production of the new DeeQ CD -Fresher than Air
2002 Composition for Cie Thierry Thie Niang Dancecompany at Sophiensaele, Berlin
2001 Research for the New! Doublebass Solo Work
2001 Concept for Almenrauschen, DeeQ featuring Gary Lucas at Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
2000 Concept for Almenrauschen, DeeQ featuring Toshinori Kondo at Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
1997-2000 work on the solo recording Caspar
2000 Composition Work for Pathfinders Tanzcompany -Eigenland
1999 Composition work for chamber ensemble on Dante Alighieris Divina Comedia
1998 Conceptual composition work on - 3/4/98. Guided improvisation/composition for one or more musicians.
1998 Improvisation for Pathfinders Tanzcompany -Dinner for two-, Composition for Pathfinder Tanzcompany -Traumreisende-.
1997 Composition for the theater piece -Fraeulein Else- written by Arthur Schnitzler and directed by Heidrun Siebert.
1995 Improvisation for the art circus Circo da Cultura, titled -Ein Stueck Leben-. Invitation to the G. Mahler Festival, Kassel, Germany
1994 Work in progress performances on the solo Casper
1993 Composition for the experimental theater piece les popellicanes directed by Giorgio Degasperi. Finalists at the national theater competition Premio Scenario, Italy.
1992 Compositions for the experimental chamber trio Trio Vasari (violin, clarinet, doublebass), also Invited to the international chamber music competition Chiesa di Dante Florence, Italy.

Waving Sessions (1998); Caspar (2001); Fresher than Air (2002); Caspar (2004); and many recordings as sideman.

Contact information:
Website: www.klaus-janek.de

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