Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Jerryl (Jerryl Barton Bell)

Jerryl [Jerryl Barton Bell], keyboards, guitar, bass, soprano sax, drums, and producer/songwriter; b. Harlem, NY, 19 June 1964. Although his mother was born in Panama and his father in Jacksonville, Florida, Jerryl Barton Bell was born in New York City, the 3rd child and only son among 3 sisters. His mother is Eleanor Jacqueline Roberts, born in Central America, Panama on April 13, 1939. His father is Webster Alexander Bell, born in Jacksonville, FL September 30, 1923, died in New York City, May 23, 1984.

Jerryl's enthusiasm for music began at an early age, pretending to play piano while listening to his fathers jazz album collection which included Ray Charles, Errol Garner and Art Tatum. By the age of 11 he took up tenor saxophone and played at his junior high school graduating ceremony.  When he entered high school in 1977 he dropped the sax and taught himself guitar. During this time his mother bought him an organ in which he learned chords and played while listening to songs on the radio.
In 1981 after graduating high school and entering college, Jerryl took piano courses while living in Rochester. In 1989 he moved back to NYC to pursue a music career and began studied jazz piano with Mike Longo.  Jerryl also took singing lessons and attended the former Center for the Media of Arts where he learned music production, editing, mixing and music engineering while interning at various recording studios in NYC.  Through working various jobs Jerryl saved up enough money to buy himself a drum machine, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar effects processors and an 8-track cassette recorder and started writing, producing and arranging his own music. He also played in various bands throughout NYC and worked with various songwriters and producers producing their demos. He began performing at numerous clubs including CBGB's, Downtime, and Kenny's Castaways. In 1993 Jerryl produced his first demo. In 1996 Jerryl set up his own label and production/publishing company, Lyrrej Records/Jerryl B. Unlimited Productions/Publishing.

Jerryl is currently working at (CD101.9, WQCD, NYC) and recently revisited his soprano sax playing. Jerryl is also producer of the afternoon talk show on New York's 98.7 KISS FM, Love, Lust & Lies, with Michael Baisden

Sweetness (CD single, 1998); On My Own (2001)

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