Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Jhaveri, Niranjan

Jhaveri, Niranjan, educator, singer, festival producer, author; b. Antwerp, Belgium, 21 May 1929. His father was in diamond business. He has lived most of his life in Bombay. He was brought to Bombay when just 6 months old and remained there, except he lived in Antwerp all of 1938 and then again in 1956.  He has been doing lecture/workshop/clinic tours all over USA and Europe  (and in Japan & Australia) since 1990. He teaches that learning Indian classical vocal techniques, especially ornamentation or the tarana, will greatly benefit jazz singers. He has invited singers to Bombay for 2 months' intensive training in Indian vocal techniques under a Residency Program.  First to come was Ann Dyer from San Francisco (1996), then Lisa Young from Australia. Then he formed the Jazz-India Vocal Institute or JIVI to continue the residency series and he invited Ellen Christi and Joan Beal, and later singer/guitarist Leni Stern. His favorites include Portugal's Maria Joao, the Indian singers, Asha Puthli and Christine Correa (both grew up in Bombay), Gabriele Hasler (Germany) and from UK, Liane Carrol. He has also programmed singers for the All-Vocal JazzYatra 2000 Festival.

His articles have been published in many jazz journals like Jazz Podium, Jazz Forum, Jazz Hot etc.. For a while he did a regular column in Down Beat. Jazz Podium did 4 pages of his "Jazz Piano Boom" translated in German.
1994 he wrote and published a Book/CD/Notations package titled "New Vocal  Techniques For Jazz & Modern Music"
Article about him by Lara Pellegrinelli

Contact information:
Mr. Jhaveri lives in Bombay (mainly) and in New York.
Contact: 200 East 16th St. Apt. 14-A,
New York, NY 10003.
Tel (212) 995 9107 Fax 212 677 6093
In India: Jazz-India, 26 B. G. Kher Marg, Bombay 400 006
Tel. 9l 22 364 1268 * Fax. 9l 22 364 0859
E-mail: nmjazz@vsnl.com
(When touring: nmjazz@hotmail.com)


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