Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Johansson, Ove (Karl Ove Gunnar)

Johansson, Ove (Karl Ove Gunnar), tenor saxophone, composer; b. Alingsas, Sweden, 3 December 1936. His father Gustav Johansson was born in Hjo, Sweden 1900-1955. His mother Gurli Johansson was born in Hjo, Sweden March 28th, 1911-2002. His sister Christina Johansson was born September 22nd, 1943 in Alingsas, Sweden.

Ove Johansson started playing the tenor saxophone at the age of 13, giving the clarinet a chance for a couple of years. He got into a jazz group playing professionally very early. Getting some help of local teachers he mostly did his learning himself, playing by ear and listening to American jazz musicians from records. He very early started his own groups and has most of the time been a bandleader. For a short period he was sideman of Lars Gullin, Swedish saxophone player. From 1972 -1994, he was teacher of saxophone, improvisation, ensemble and harmony at the School of Music, Gothenburg University. Started his own small record label LJ Records 1989 presenting his own and other Scandinavian musicians music, until now 33 titles. Johansson has since the end of the fifties been leading his own groups. He is also musical director of Mwendo Dawa. Although he has been very active on the Swedish jazz scene since several years his most rewarding efforts has been with Mwendo Dawa. Johansson's musical work stretches all the way from straight ahead, free form and electronic jazz to the acoustic and electro acoustical mix of today. With Mwendo Dawa he has been able to present his music throughout the world- both in Europe and North and South America, and he has produced 22 albums with his own material and with the group.

Mwendo Dawa: Basic Lines (1978), Live at Montreux (1979), Mwendo Dawa80 (1980), Free Lines (1981), New York Lines (1982), Four Voices (1983), Street Lines (1983), Mwendo Dawa at NorthseaJazzf (1984), City Beat (1985), Dimensions (1986), Human Walk (1987), Live is here again (1991), The New Scene (1993), Enter the outloop (1995), Breathing Clusters (1998), Live in Goteborg (2001); Solo: Ove Johansson Solo (1989), Solo in a different world (1997), Logic Steps (2002); Lindeborg/Johansson Duo: Bright Openings (1992), Structures (1999), Natural Artefacts (2001)

Radio broadcasts:
SR/Sweden, NRK/Norway, DRK/Denmark, Radio France, Hilversum/Netherlands,
Radio Berlin/DDR (forgot the name), WDR/Germany, Radio Bremen/Germany,
Radio in Poland, former Chechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, radio in
Montreal Canada, radio in Buenos Aires Argentina

Television broadcasts:
SVT/Sweden, NDR/Germany, Belgium TV from Antwerpen, former Yugoslavia,
former Chechoslovakia, former Soviet - Leningrad, TV/DDR (forgot the name),
Lithuania TV, Switzerland TV, France TV, TV in Montreal Canada, TV in
Buenos Aires Argentina. Also, a lot of interviews all over in different local and national radios. A TV film was made of Mwendo Dawa 1997-1998 in Sweden. Both documentary and live. None of this is issued.

Interviews in Om Jazz, Sweden. Granslost, Sweden. Jazz Hot, France.

Contact information:
Ove Johansson: phone +46 35 51139
LJ Records: fax +46 35 51139
Box 9
SE-310 42 Haverdal          

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