Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Joseph, Karen (Cynthia)

Joseph, Karen (Cynthia), flutist, piccolo player, educator; b. Brooklyn, NY, 5 July 1952. Grew up in Brooklyn with mother (Dorothy Duckett Joseph, born 1923, educator and author), sister (Claire Juanita Joseph, 1949-1974, MSW and activist), and father (Warren Clyde Joseph, 1923-1992, self-taught musician and educator).  Taught piano at age 3 by father. 

Had flute lessons from about ages 11-22.  Studied with John Jackson, while attending Performing Arts High School, and John Krell and Samuel Baron, at the Philadelphia Musical Academy (now the University of Fine Arts), where she received a Bachelor of Music in 1973.  Received award from 92nd Street YWCA in 1970s.  She has been playing Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz since the late 1970s, with Charanga 76, Charanga America, Charlie Rodriguez and Pacheco, Siglo 20, Johnny Almendra y Los Jovenes del Barrio, Nelson Gonzalez, and Eddie Palmieri.  Also has taught flute since 1998.  Toured with Palmieri in Europe, St. Thomas, and United States.  Toured with Los Jovenes in Australia and United Kingdom.

Doug Hammond: Ellipse (1976); Richard Groove Holmes: Star Wars/Close Encounters (1977), Dancing in the Sun (1977); Grant Green: Easy (1978); Cornell DuPree: Shadow Dancing (1978); Charanga 76: La Charanga 76 en el 78 (1978), Salsa Disco Party Live at Roseland (1978), La Charanga 76 en el 79 (1979), Charanga 76 Goes Disco (1979); Kid Creole and the Coconuts: DoppleDangle (1979); Israel: La Buena Gente (1979); Charlie Rodriguez: Vivo Gozando (1986); Fania All-Stars: Viva La Charanga (1986); Johnny Almendra y Los Jovenes Del Barrio: Evolucionando (1995), Reconfirmando (1997), Los Jovenes LIVE (1998), The Best of Los Jovenes (1999), Es Differente (2000); Nelson Gonzalez: Son Mundano (2002); Eddie Palmieri: La Perfecta II, Ritmo Caliente (2003)

Radio and television broadcasts:
BET JAZZ Central, Los Jovenes Del Barrio (1996)
WNET TV special performance, Los Jovenes Del Barrio (1998)

Latin Beat Magazine, article by Max Salazar, 1996

Contact information:
Karen Joseph
143 Fenimore Street
Brooklyn, NY  11225

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